#OddlyEnough: Kim-Trump Hairstyles A Rage In Vietnam

Kim-Trump Hairstyles
Image for representation only. Source: KSN

The Vietnamese are cashing in on the US President Donald Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the country, says a report.

At a barbershop tucked away in a Hanoi alley, Le Phuc Hai patiently waits for the dye to turn his black hair the orange shade of Trump’s locks, says an AP report.

On a chair next to him, 9-year-old To Gia Huy emerges as the spitting image of a miniature Kim.

“Many people say that I look like Kim Jong-un, especially when I have this hairstyle,” said Huy, who is nicknamed “Un” for his likeness to the North Korean leader.

He was unable to hide his excitement that Kim is coming to the Vietnamese capital this week for his second summit with the American president, and hopes for a chance to see Kim in person.

As the summit frenzy grips Hanoi, hairdresser Le Tuan Duong has joined in, offering free Trump or Kim hairstyles to about a dozen customers.

“Hanoi is a city of peace. When Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un decide to come here to talk about restoring peace, I think I should do something to show that Hanoi people welcome the summit,” Duong said.

He said Kim’s hairstyle shows youth, while Trump’s displays power. “But Kim’s style is a lot more popular among customers,” he said.

Man Loses Licence After Dog Shoots Him

A German court has ruled that a dog owner isn’t fit to carry a firearms licence after his dog shot him with a rifle, according to a report.

The Munich administrative court dismissed the man’s appeal against an earlier decision by Bavarian authorities to withdraw his licence to own a rifle, as well as his hunting permit, says the AP report.

The decision followed a 2016 incident in which the man, a passionate hunter, was shot in the arm after his dog managed to release the trigger on a loaded rifle that was lying in his car.

The court ruled the hunter couldn’t be relied upon “because it must be assumed that he will handle firearms and ammunition carelessly in future as well.”

Old Beer Bottle Sparks New Interest

An old bottle of beer has created excitement over finding a new brew, says a report.

The bottle from a 133-year-old shipwreck may yield yeast for the new brew in upstate New York, says the AP report.

Biotechnology students at the State University of New York at Cobleskill uncorked a bottle from the shipwrecked SS Oregon. Serious Brewing Company of Howes Cave plans to develop a new brew if the students successfully extract yeast.

Bill Felter, of Serious Brewing, acquired the beer from a customer who owns an assortment of artefacts recovered from the Oregon.

The ship was en route from Liverpool, England, to New York City with 852 people aboard on March 14, 1886, when it collided with a schooner near Fire Island, New York, and sank. All but one person survived.

House Springs A Stairway Surprise

An investor checking out a house was left on knife’s edge when he inspected the stairway, says a report.

The Philadelphia real estate investor says the home he was scoping out came with an unadvertised surprise — a stairway booby-trapped with a swinging knife, says the AP report.

Ekrem Uysaler says he and his team were looking at the home in January when one of his co-workers saw a small line on the home’s staircase. WCAU-TV reports he stopped his construction manager from heading up the stairs and recorded video as they pulled the staircase line with a spare rod.

Pulling the line triggered a fast-moving, downward-swinging crutch from above the staircase. Taped to the end of the crutch was a large knife pointing right to where a person’s head would have been walking up the stairs.

Man Crashes Car Into Adult Novelty Store

A man with an eye for lingerie crashed his car into an adult novelty store to get his hands on it, says a report.

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are searching for the man who crashed his car into the glass doors of the adult novelty shop, then ran inside and stole lingerie and sex toys, says an AP report.

Police say the heist at Hustler Hollywood happened in the early hours of the morning, when the store was closed. It was captured on video. Employees discovered the damage later when they came to work.

A police officer said that authorities believe the man knew the store’s layout because he ran directly to one section to steal the items, which were valued at about $300 to $400.

Police says the greater cost is likely the damage to the glass doors.