#OddlyEnough:  Burglar Pays Price For A Good Meal

#OddlyEnough - Roasted chicken
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Thief Can’t Chicken Out Of Mess

A burglar in the US broke into a police station, ate a meal and left her ID there, says a report. But she had to pay a high price for it.

To identify the burglary suspect who broke into the closed Florida police substation and ate an officer’s chicken dinner, detectives didn’t need to lift fingerprints or get DNA from the discarded meal, according to an AP report.

The ID cards authorities say the suspect left behind did the trick.

Boynton Beach police said they found a broken window and the remains of a hastily eaten chicken dinner scattered in the kitchen.

Finding a suspect wasn’t hard. They say 29-year-old Yvelande Jean-Pierre left behind her wallet, which contained her two identification cards.

Police say security video shows she spent about 45 minutes in the substation before leaving. Jean-Pierre is charged with burglary.

Coat-Chewing Argument Doesn’t Wash For Woman

You can’t get away by claiming that coat-chewing can alter a drink-drive test, says a report.

An attorney for a Pennsylvania woman charged with drunken driving hinted his client’s coat-chewing could’ve thrown off the results of her breath test, according to an AP report.

The (Bloomsburg) Press Enterprise reports the argument came during a hearing for 47-year-old Jana Moschgat. An officer who pulled Moschgat over testified she was nibbling on her coat before he gave her the breath test and that he ordered her to stop.

Moschgat’s lawyer, Travis Petty, asked the officer if he knew the chemical composition of the coat, noting that certain substances can alter the results of the test.

Moschgat’s test showed her blood-alcohol level was 0.151 percent, nearly twice the legal limit for drivers in Pennsylvania. The officer says Moschgat also smelt of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test.

The judge ruled there was enough evidence to send the charges to trial.

Postal Truck Stolen By Woman

New Mexico State Police say a woman who allegedly stole a postal truck has been arrested in Raton, says a report.

Police were notified that a US Postal Service vehicle was stolen from the Maxwell area. It was later located on Interstate 25 and that began a pursuit involving police officers, according to the AP report.

Stop sticks were deployed to end the incident and police say 34-year-old Chanel Eskleson of Raton was taken into custody.

Police say she’s been booked into the Colfax County Detention Centre on suspicion of theft, burglary, aggravated assault, criminal property damage and driving on a suspended licence.

Giant Fatberg Blocks UK Sewer

Biodegradables can become a big pain if they grown to a huge size as it did in Britain, says a report.

A British official says a giant “fatberg” has been found blocking a sewer in southwestern England – a mass of hardened fat, oil and baby wipes measuring 64 metres(210 feet) long, says an AP report.

Andrew Roantree of South West Water says it will “take our sewer team around eight weeks to dissect this monster in exceptionally challenging work conditions.”

He urged the public not to pour grease down the drain or flush baby wipes down the toilet, adding: “Don’t feed the fatberg.”

The revolting fat mass was discovered in drains in the coastal town of Sidmouth, says the AP report.

Chicken Tenders Spill On Highway

These chicken tenders aren’t for pick-up. An Alabama sheriff’s office is warning people against eating chicken that tumbled on to a rural highway after a truck wreck, says a report.

An 18-wheeler crashed on Alabama 35, spilling boxes of chicken tenders in Cherokee County near the Georgia line. Motorists began stopping to pick up the food, which authorities say created a traffic hazard.

The Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency posted a notice on its Facebook page asking people to quit picking up the chicken. The notice says the food isn’t safe to eat after hours on the ground.