#OddlyEnough:  A Tough Financial Mess To Wipe Off

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Officials In A Mess Over Toilet Paper

This is one mess which will not be easy to clean up for officials at a US county, says a report.

Officials in an Alabama county have a financial mess to wipe up after the sheriff’s department mistakenly ordered 24,000 extra rolls of toilet paper, says an AP report.

WAFF-TV reports the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office mistakenly spent $22,000 on toilet paper and another $9,000 for 450 cases of trash bags. That’s a big problem, because its entire budget for janitorial supplies for next year is only $15,000.

County commissioners have negotiated a bill of more than $30,000 down by about half, but there’s another problem: Storing an extra two years’ worth of toilet paper.

Commission Chairman James Hutcheson says workers realised the mistake when a notice came in from the vendor.

Portable Toilets Keep Disappearing

The portable toilets kept disappearing – and now a German company knows why, says a report.

Two men in Germany have been convicted of stealing more than 100 portable toilets. The dpa news agency reported that Dusseldorf district court delivered its verdict, giving a 40-year-old man a 10-month suspended sentence and a 28-year-old ex-colleague six months, says the AP report.

Both men worked for a waste disposal company from whose premises the toilets – worth nearly 70,000 euros ($79,700) in all – gradually disappeared, a loss that was only discovered a few months later.

The men admitted having sold the toilets to a company in The Netherlands via a go-between. Only three of the missing toilets have resurfaced. The defendants lost their jobs.

Woman Fails In Police Car Getaway

A woman in the US took a chance by trying to ride off in a police car but failed, says a report.

Charges are pending against the 23-year-old woman who police say got into a police car and tried to drive away in northeast North Dakota, according to an AP report.

KFGO radio said that police responded to a fight in Devils Lake, a city about 257km northwest of Fargo.

When one officer got out of a squad car to investigate, the woman allegedly jumped in, drove the car onto a curb and tried to back up onto the street.

Investigators say the officer was able to remove the woman from the vehicle. She was arrested on charges including driving under the influence.

Guru Seeks To Change Age

Age does not matter according to a self-styled positivity guru in the Netherlands, according to a report.

Emile Ratelband thinks age is just a number. And his is a number the Dutchman wants changed, says an AP report.

The 69-year-old TV personality has asked a court in the Netherlands to approve his request for a new birthday that officially would make him 49.

Ratelband says his legal appeal is consistent with other forms of personal transformation that are gaining acceptance and government recognition in the Netherlands and around the world.

“With this free(dom) of choice, choice of name, freeness of gender, I want to have my own age. I want to control myself,” he said.

Fan Blames Crash On Football Club Failure

A football club was in focus after a car crash in the US, according a report.

Authorities say a pro football fan charged with drunken driving after a crash told police he drank too much because his favourite team isn’t any good, says an AP report. In these kinds of situations, people often reach out to a Houston car accident attorney, or a local legal representative, to assist with the case.

Wayne police say 57-year-old Christopher Greyshock, of West Milford, was charged after he rear-ended another vehicle. The crash came about an hour after his team, the New York Jets, lost 41-10 to the Buffalo Bills.

Authorities say Greyshock told responding officers: “I drank too much because the Jets suck.”

Police say Greyshock had an open bottle of whiskey and suspected marijuana in his car. Besides the DWI count, he was also charged with assault by auto.