NRI Parents Sleepless -Time For Tougher Gun Laws In U.S.

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In the wake of the recent (14 February) shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Florida in the United States, many took to micro-blogging sites to express their opinions on the ‘gun control’ law. Some believe the gun laws for indiana are fine, but others think gun laws need to be stricter on a federal level.

The United States is the third most popular destination for Indian migrants worldwide. The recent brutal shooting incident has severely impacted the families of the Indians living in the US, with serious concerns being raised on their basic safety and security.

Among the survivors of the deadly shooting, activist Emma Gonzalez made a significant impression by calling for gun control reform in her rousing speech.

According to International media, speaking earlier, President Donald Trump said arming teachers could prevent school shootings like that in Florida. Teachers carrying a concealed gun could end attacks “very quickly”, he said.

He also proposed raising the age limit for buying certain types of guns from 18 to 21. President Donald Trump also backed a ban on modifications that enable semi-automatic rifles to shoot more rounds per minute. These are known as bump stocks. If you’re wishing to find out more about bump stocks, various firearms, or other attachment options, you can find More Information on and similar websites that can review many different firearm models. Trump has also called for improved background checks on gun buyers.

Americans are mixed on the issue, some want to ban guns outright, others want it so that the public does not own guns that use live ammunition. This would mean that any Beretta handguns in the hands of the American people are airsoft ones that are often used for sports (and more importantly, less damaging than standard handguns). It also plays into the debate on self-defense, as some people in the United States believe that owning a handgun is a way for them to protect themselves. You can get details on this debt here.

Ravish Ranpara, a Businessman emphatically says “Gun control in the U.S is arguable, but in my opinion, one should keep a check on how liberal one is getting with freedom. The authorities are here to keep the security of the state intact. A liberal gun law will only give the power to take life among other social threats.

It is unfortunate that the president said that armed teachers could have prevented school shootings in Florida.

Did he imply that anyone who can afford a licensed gun should keep one and roam around freely in the city. How sensible is that,” exclaims Ranpara.

The suspect accused of carrying out the shooting in Florida is former student Nikolas Cruz, 19. This was the second incident after the earlier shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, in 2012.

Colonel (Retd.) Shashikant Dalvi, a retired Army Officer, says that more guns are not the solution. “In some parts of India as well, people resort to killing someone with the guns they own, if they indulge in a fight.

People can use weapons in rage and anger without having mercy. The same could happen in the US. The manufacturer’s lobby is strong and they have a huge stake in this business of gun-running.

It is easier to buy guns there. Also, there are kits available abroad that can convert normal guns to automatic weapons or work like machine guns that can fire multiple bullets at a round.

Having said so, the laws there are also strict. If someone is found guilty of murder, within a few weeks, they will be prosecuted and put behind bars. Yet, I still believe that ‘gun control’ laws should be strict.”

Priyum Dandekar, Social Workers feels, that such incidents tend to raise questions of the safety of our children living abroad.

After the incident, my calls to my son and his family has increased manifold. I am a grandmother of two. They too go to school, to parks and hotels. You never know what can happen next and where.

I have suggested they to come back if they can. Although, they say that their is no harm to them, I am worried and concerned all the time.”

The incident that happened in Florida was very unfortunate and this could happen to our kids in US as well, says Manish Joshi, a retired Indian government official.

“Even my son lives with his family in the US, but they live in a close-knit circle with the Indian Community there. Anyone present there could have been a victim of the shooters. Many Indians, work overnight to earn their livelihood.

They risk their life, given the fact that anyone can be an armed person who can shoot you point blank.

This is the first incident after the shooting in another Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012. Arming everyone isn’t the answer, disarming is! The easy availability of weapons can be lethal for many,” he adds.


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