And Now, Virtual Training And Digital Gyms!

Virtual Training - Gym

After virtual dating and VR gaming, your workouts are next to get the virtual touch. Taking your gym experience to a whole new level, Virtual Training is a true embodiment of the digital age.

Imagine working out with the world’s best trainers who egg you onward on your journey towards a perfectly sculpted body. Now picture doing this virtually. Bringing this new-fangled workout to dear ol’ Pune is Priya Jain founder at TY Fitness.

Talking about the crux of virtual training, Priya explicates, “Trainers first research and practice the sessions for months together to ensure that they benefit people of all ages. So even a teenager can do the same class alongside a 65-year-old without need for worry. Personally, I love that it avoids having to kill time between workouts.

For the uninitiated, virtual training is when the trainers do the entire class with you. Virtually, of course. Barking out verbal instructions, they essentially demonstrate the entire workout. Whilst many firms are looking to virtual training in other ways (360 provides VR training for businesses, as an example), Priya shares that this can be a great motivating factor in other aspects of life.

“Seeing the trainers pushing themselves and feeling their amazing energy can’t help but motivate you! It pushes you to perform even better than before.

Speaking of her own fitness journey, she confesses, “I was 86 kgs for a good part of my life. After true determination and discipline, I have dropped 30 kgs. So, I don’t believe in six packs and diets. I believe in eating well and being consistent with working out, whether it’s using machines at the gym or with the help of virtual training. We should set goals each day and try to achieve them.

“As a foodie, don’t like compromising on my food. Yet I’m committed to staying fit so I regularly practice Ashtanga Yoga as well as some classes in my studio. I particularly enjoy Les Mill’s Body Pump, RPM and Body Combat classes. Working out is important and I love doing it every single day,” she smiles.

Ask her how she draws the line when pushing clients to the limit during a workout and Jain explains, “Everyone differs in terms of their capacity, energy and fitness level. Ultimately you’re the best judge of what level you can push yourself to. I let people decide their resistance for the day and gradually move to a higher workout zone.

She chooses to describe an ideal virtual training session from the perspective of a trainee. “During the entire workout, your focus and concentration level needs to be at its peak. You need to be aware of your breathing. You should understand the technique being used and how the mind and body should work together.”

Jain is clearly a believer of testing one’s endurance, for she proclaims, “Each session should practically kill you. Because what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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