Now, This Is How We Diet !


Two weeks into a strict diet and still can’t fit those slim jeans?

If the answer is yes, let’s do a rewind of what each day was like..This may just help put things in perspective..!

STAGE 1: Eat healthy, look amazing !!

eat rightThe first day always seem to be ‘the day’ when we think of losing all the weight at once. A bowlful of colourful veggies, with a sprinkle of salt and a dab of olive oil is our dream bowl. Having it throughout the day makes us feel ‘I already lost FOUR inches’!! Positivity is at its peak.

STAGE 2: A beautiful fruity day.fruit diet

Those berries and mandarins, colourful assorted fruits and a flax seed topping are the magical detox mix until you realise, it doesn’t come with your favourite scoop of ice-cream! Sad, but true!

STAGE 3: ‘No sugar’ today.

chocolatesWho said I am not keeping up with my regimen. I said ‘No Sugar, right? And this chocolate bar has fruits and nuts. So, it’s still healthy. A bit of comfort food does no evil.

STAGE 4: I’ll burn it, so it’s

How can someone miss on the gooey mac and cheese, more so when it’s your best friend’s birthday. Birthdays don’t come everyday after all. You can always shed that cheese in the gym !

STAGE 5: The mandatory ‘binge day’

bingeWhen you are this strict with your diet, you need to have a legal ‘binge day’ regime and that off course doesn’t come with rules. You don’t want to upset the diet-goddess and get cursed, right?

STAGE 6: Let’s start from tomorrow.

I have been dieting strictly now for a week, I am still not in shape. I think I should try the crash and detox diet instead.

What say we do that together ?

Loveleen Kaur

Loveleen Kaur

She loves travelling, dogs, sarcasm, humour and anything that spells F O O D, in that order. A writer on a journey to make positive stories a morning ritual and give society what it needs the most - optimism !!

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Loveleen Kaur