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Yet another unfortunate consequence of the proliferation of social media is the rapid and unchecked rise in the spread of sexual abuse content.

Even children aren’t spared and the easy availability of such content online is adding fuel to the fire.

Following the recent directions from the Supreme Court,The Union Government launched a web portal to help citizens report sexual offences against women and children in an attempt to curb the spread of abusive content of Child Rape, Gang Rape and Sexual assault on women. EVen though websites like are 100% legal with legal content, due to users being able to upload content, less than legal content gets allowed through on occasion, having this portal in order to report the material will cut down on instances of this happening.

The portal is aimed at accepting complaints related to child pornography (CP), children related sexually abusive material (CSAM) or anything related to sexually abusive content such as rape/gang rape content that is circulated widely on social media/ online Platforms.

While reporting an individuals concern, he/she can report anonymously, however, the state of origin and the city should be mentioned appropriately on the portal.

If one wishes to register with their identity name and number should be appropriate as the portal will generate a One Time Password (OTP) to authenticate and then one has to log onto to the registration page.

While speaking to Pune365 Dr Balsing Rajput (Superintendent of Police- Cyber Crime, Maharashtra- Mumbai) says, As per the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the matter of Suo Moto Writ Petition No. 3/2015: Prajwala (NGO) matter: Videos of Sexual violence and Recommendations, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi has started the scheme namely Cyber Crime Prevention against Women and Children (CCPWC).

The scheme has the following objectives for States/Union Territories –
  1. To establish an online cybercrime reporting platform
  2. To set up the National Level advanced Cyber Crime Forensic Laboratory
  3. To setup Training cum operational cyber lab for up gradation/creation of Cyber Forensic operational and training facility for Cyber Crime Investigation and Training Programs.

Ministry of Home Affairs-New Delhi, under CCPWC scheme has developed a centralized Online Reporting Portal ( for receiving complaints of Child Pornography/ Rape/ Gang Rape (CP/ RGR) content being circulated, as a consequence of the reported incident on 1/08/2018.

The Nodal Cyber Cell would need to have jurisdiction throughout the State/UTs. Connectivity has been been established with the Police Stations across the state. Nodal Cyber cell can in turn, transfer the complaints to the police stations concerned and update the complainant on action taken through this portal.

Special Inspector General of Police, Maharashtra Cyber and Mumbai is designated as the Nodal Cyber Cell for the CCPWC Online portal. All police units of Maharashtra have a designated Nodal officer (district-wise) to deal with the complaints received on the portal.

Once the case is registered on the portal, Maharashtra Cyber-office will forward the case to the concerned police station to take action i.e. based on the artefacts and investigations thereof. Police stations can register FIR/NC/ Enquiry and submit a report of action taken to Maharashtra Cyber, Mumbai office. Maharashtra Cyber, Mumbai office will update respective report on the portal within a stipulated time period.

Things To Remember While Registering A Complaint:

  • Portal will permit reporting of complaints related with online Child Pornography/ Rape/ Gang Rape (CP/ R/GR) content only.
  • Citizens can report a case under either of the two options-

1) Report anonymously- without disclosing her/ his identity.

2) Identify yourself- By registering to the portal through mobile no, the complainant will receive OTP to authenticate and login to the registration page. The complainant can access case history and check for updates/ action related to the complaint.

  • Complainant needs to add the URL/ ID of account where content was noticed/ shared from the mobile no or received.
  • A complainant can share a link to Rape/ Gang Rape/CP content or upload artefacts (images, videos, screenshot, documents, PDF etc)

Aishwarya Jumani, trainee says, “Everyday there are a lot of videos forwarded in WhatsApp groups and on social media which are disturbing, and when you question a person on the source, the answer is always the same-forward from a friend or another group.

There have been several instances where I have felt completely helpless. This portal is certainly going to help stop the spread of such obscene images and videos.

A lot of awareness about the portal should be built in the city, School going children are the ones who majorly circulate such images and videos without understanding the seriousness.

Teachers and parents should be responsible enough to educate their children about this portal. The government should ensure that schools and colleges conduct seminars to brief and teach the students, Jumani added.

Ranvijay Patil, Restaurant Manager says, “Whatsapp groups are the major culprits of spreading such pornographic videos, You check in any guys WhatsApp group and you are certain to find such content.

When you are in a group, you cant question or complain about such forwards since the admin will then just remove you from the group.”

This portal is very necessary to curb such spread of sexually abusive content depicting child rape and gang rape of women etc, Patil added.






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