Nothing Like An Easy And Comfortable Trek At Korigad

Korigad Fort, Lonavala, Pune
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Yes, We Hear You Pune! All the festivity is disrupting your #StayFit routine and you are now seeking answers to get back to the regimen…

This calls for some trekking and just for your luck, we at Pune365 discovered a ‘less explored’ destination that is just an hour away from the city.

Korigad, a hill fort, located 20 Km off Lonavala offers an easy hiking trail that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The hiking starts from the nearby village called Peth Shahpur, that leads to a stairway after walking upwards on the unpaved road for about 15 minutes. One can then easily takes the stairway to the top of the fort. There are around 500 steps uphill that takes around one hour to reach the hilltop, but mind you, the trek is worth the view from the top.

Korigad Fort Trek
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The township of Aamby Valley was developed on the foothills of the hill. Apart from just hiking, the fort also holds some religious and historical importance.

This fort along with the other forts of Lohagad and Visapur, was incorporated into the kingdom of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The walls, the main gates, cannons along with the remains of several structures of the fort are still intact, giving us a glimpse of history. A recently renovated temple of goddess Korai Devi.  along with several smaller temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Ganesha can be visited here.

The hill fort located at a height of 923m above sea level provides a picturesque view of the Aamby Valley, Lonavala and the nearby villages. The trek to the fort is easy and can be accessed at any time of the year.

Getting There :

The easiest way to reach to the fort is to reach Lonavala station by rail or bus and then book a cab to Peth Shahpur village. This drive through the densely covered tree trails and fog will give you a heads-up on what the view from the top would be like.

In case you are driving in your own car, there are safe vehicle parking options provided here by the residents.


One can either carry their own food or pick up a few snacks from the makeshift shops situated near the trekking spot. Snack on the raw mango, corn, maggi and other ‘quick-fixes’ available here.

Korigad Fort
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Korigad is one of those trekking places that is visited multiple times by school groups, families, groups of friends and corporate employees.

Enjoy a splendid day out and thank us later.


#All details and images are purely for representation. Readers are advised to check finer details at the respective destination. Safety norms must be adhered to always.

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