There Is Nothing Better Than A Perfect Biryani

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Think the crowning glory of Mughlai cuisine, the quintessential Biryani and you can almost smell the aroma of a tantalizing mix of spices, perfectly blended with long grain rice, and luscious meat or farm fresh vegetables.

A quest for the perfect Biryani led us to these city eateries that dish up exceptional renditions of the legendary dish…

Mughal Mahal

While each eatery flaunts their own biryani style, Mughlai Mahal renders you a fabulous Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Savour this to taste the old school flavours reminiscent of aromatic biryani served in the streets near Charminar in Hyderabad. Their Sweet Lassi and Chicken Lazeez are worth a try as well. Top this off with a halwa and you have a happy tummy!

Where: Hinjawadi
Average Cost: Rs. 850


Veggie haven, Taaareef is for you if you are a sworn vegetarian. Sample their Subz Dum Biryani and you shall be forced to frequent the café for this dish. Meat lovers can try their Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Biryani and the special Paya Soup that is unique to this eatery.

Where: Aundh
Average Cost: Rs. 1,200


Madinah Restaurant

Madinah is the place to head to if your meat cravings know no bounds. Their Pahari Chicken is unparalleled, but their Chicken Leg Biryani and Buffalo Meat Biryani can take you on a one way ticket to food heaven. Reasonably priced, the food is the bestseller at this haunt, as it should be!

Where: Camp Area
Average Cost: Rs. 300


Tiranga Non-veg House

An oldie but a goodie, Tiranga is famous for their Mutton Biryani. The meat is beautifully cooked and just falls off the bone making their Mutton Curry an ideal accompaniment. Quench your thirst with their delectable Sol Kadhi.

Where: Kothrud
Average Cost: Rs. 700



Bringing old school Mughlai to the table with the Burra Kebab and Nalli Ka Salan; Khiva is a must visit. Vegetarian options include the delightful Paneer Khurchan that you can try with their Khamiri Roti and end your food fest with an authentic Khubani Ka Meetha.

A tad pricey; but the mélange of flavours they dish up more than make up for the pinch in your pocket.

Where: Viman Nagar
Average Cost: Rs. 1,400



#All prices mentioned are indicative and readers are advised to check with individual outlets to confirm rates. Images used for representation purpose only.

#This article is not an official Pune365 review of these outlets and is purely for reader information. 

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