What ‘Not’ To Wear To Be A Winner

Dressing for Men
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Some are born dressers, others have dressing thrust upon them. With due apologies to the Bard, this is one bitter truth which never seems to find its mark, particularly with the male species.

The Dress Sense, as it is called, can be loosely defined as an ability of a person to co-ordinate colours and styles effectively. Though it affects both sexes, it is usually the man who suffers more from this due to an inherent laziness and ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude.

Yes, there are many who know what to wear and when.

They are natty dressers with the trouser crease sharp enough to slice butter, falling perfectly to the shoe, shirts and collars well starched, the footwear gleaming and reflecting. They are always aware of the latest fashion trends and make sure that they are in with.

However, there are some who can be mistaken for a hobo or a man who has drowned himself in drink and is penniless.

Here are some tips to avoid looking like an ass and being at least presentable, if not smart.

  • You may argue that clothes don’t make a man. But it does. So get aware of your surroundings so that your wife/girlfriend does not have to go alone to parties, functions.
  • Before you get ostracised by society, make a start to avoid being nagged by the wife/girlfriend four hours a day. You love peace and your ears, don’t you?
  • You may have thought all-white is a delight. Desist. That’s meant for Bollywood actors like Jeetendra, Shatrugan Sinha and others. White is good if you match it with jeans. It may also give you a lift to your countenance.
  • Coming to colours the rainbow may look good in the sky but not on you. Definitely and decisively not on you. Avoid watching Govinda films if you tend to go in that direction. Watch Jackie Shroff instead. So none of the yellow trousers and red shirt please. Multi-coloured is multi-abused.
  • You want to look cool, then go for jeans, washed and ironed with a nice shirt and or T-shirt. Warning: jeans must be washed every few days and not alternate months.
  • Keep a spare pair of trousers. You may never know when you may need them. You cannot go for an important meeting in your jeans, can you?
  • Slippers are only meant for what is named as – bedroom. Don’t evoke wrath in your partner by walking around in them outside the house or office. Yes, they were cool when the 70s generation wore them. The effects of Woodstock have dimmed over the years.
  • Hair is no talk in the air. Go to the barber at least every one-and-a-half- months. Don’t ape your hairy ancestral roots. Be a man and trim the dense foliage.
  • Invest in a pair of proper leather shoes. Let Kolhapuri chappals remain in that city. Keds won’t make you look like a Picasso painting on canvas. They are fine for casual occasions but an absolute No, No for functions or travels with the partner.
  • Cool it and go for it. Follow the above to look at least decent and avoid the constant buzz in your ear from the wife/partner. Else develop a thick skin and condemn your fate to the Almighty.

Babu Kalyanpur

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