Incidentally, There Are Good Bosses Too!

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Quintessentially, the boss at work is always believed to be rude, insensitive, arrogant and fussy. Known to demand respect rather than earning it from their teams, they are accused of expecting their subordinates blindly follow their instructions.

Merit or no merit, The Boss Is Always Right!

We at Pune365 spoke to working professionals and a cross section of leaders/ bosses to understand the changing paradigm of employee-leader relationships. 

“An efficient and excellent boss is someone who can handle the company’s affairs and employees equally well. And I am lucky to have one!” says Sunaina Acharya, Interior designer.

Our team works like a family, and the boss has always been the head of the family, but is literally a friend for us. He is very supportive and doesn’t believe in the blame game either and does not encourage any office politics. His open door policy allows the employee to approach him without hesitation.

“The company has made rapid progress over the past few years, and it started after the boss was changed to the current person we have, The healthy work atmosphere has always motivated employees to finish our work on time.” Sunaina adds.

It is Important to be tough to your employees, to help the company grow steadily, says Rajendra Saroj, Entrepreneur

If you are lenient towards them they tend to have a laid-back mindset and may not complete the work on time, which can affect the company’s growth. I believe in staying tough with my employees to get my work done on time.

“While working with an organisation, an individual has to deal with work pressure and deadlines. It must be understood that none of us, are spared from work related pressure and stress. I think people should take it in the right spirit, and handle it positively”, adds Rajendra.

“The boss is always right! People in power tend to have an attitude. They believe that whatever they have said or done in the past, is the ideal method and everybody in an organization need to follow it,” says Avinash Alves, Customer representative.

There are times when our boss is furious, so we ensure that we don’t lose our cool and let things pass.

My boss is a workaholic and often stays for long hours to complete his work. And if the boss waits, it is mandatory that employees should wait and continue doing their work, irrespective of what time it is.

“Such workaholic bosses often forego their holidays and often don’t bother about the  team. When it comes to the target, the team must deliver and on time, irrespective of the problems that an employee may have” Avinash adds.

“Everyone in the company is aware of who the boss is, It is not necessary to behave like one,” says Saurabh Raje, owner of an advanced learning institute.

A good boss is always someone who is responsible, friendly and humble towards his employees. Earlier I believed that staying tough would ensure the team works efficiently, but now with a softer approach, the progress is really overwhelming!

“The rules should be the same and followed by everyone. Staying friendly helps you build a strong relationship with your employees and they will stay with the organisation longer and more effectively. This also helps both your company and the employees progress, adds Raje.

“Gone are the times where bosses were the dinosaurs at the workplace,” says Anjali Mehta, Assistant Chef.

In the current times, nothing functions with command and control. Our opinions and views are always taken into consideration before deciding anything.

“The increasingly friendly environment in offices has paved the way for a good employee-boss relationship. Our boss has always been both understanding and fair.

He has always been a motivating force and takes accountability for the decision he takes. He is not just a boss, he is a mentor!” Anjali adds.


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents ( few names changed on request) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 

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