No Slowdown Over A Fast Food Habit

Fast food habbit
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I love fast food. Just imagine biting into a double burger, mayonnaise dripping with cheese slices tucked in among the lettuce leaves and salad.

And above all, those fries – golden, greasy and garnished with pepper. It can transport you to seventh heaven.

It is truly an amazing experience. The very thought of eating one gives the taste buds a free run and the other senses a treat to be awaited for.

I simply wonder why the doctors always caution us on this form of food. I have come to the conclusion that they are simply jealous.

They think fast food is bad and because of this they won’t eat. So they get vindictive about it and warn us about the ill effects of fast food.

But in that case, all food is bad. How do we know that the apple you ate recently is not sprayed with dangerous chemicals? Or the cauliflower you consumed was not thoroughly cleaned and rid of worms.

Worse still there are new studies appearing regularly which reveal the harmful after-effects of fast food. One such study gives fast food 3/100 marks for being the unhealthiest thing there is in the universe.

Poor chaps, I feel sorry for them. They do not know what they are missing. They probably eat plain fare daily and speak ill about God’s own food. Give them a juicy burger and see how their views change.

A more recent one says eating fast food delay pregnancy. It does not concern me as I am not a woman and cannot get pregnant. Let the womenfolk chew over a pizza on this.

Then there is another study which says the after-effects of fast food can hit immune system, leading to illnesses like diabetes and heart attacks. Oh well, we all have to die one day anyway.

Imagine having to die, a double burger in hand, choking on the chips – crispy and warm. That’s nirvana. At least you can get the one pleasure before landing in the furnaces of Hell and burning there.

There are other risks like cancer involved too. In fact, there are a string of reasons given so that you make the supreme of not biting into a burger. Damn these blokes, they don’t know what they are saying.

Just then the receptionist called out my name and said the doctor was ready to see me.

This doctor of mine, God bless him, is a loud gent whose lacks diplomatic skills in matters delicate. After checking the blood sugar and the blood report, he let out a yell.

“So you are at the burgers again. My dear fool, you will die soon and it will be a painful one. I suggest you order a couple of Big Macs as you go six feet under to keep company.


Babu Kalyanpur

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