No, It Is Just Not Cool To Flirt On A Professional Network

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There is no dearth of social networking apps that encourage making friends and chatting and yet, more often than once, niche apps and sites are being misused for flirting and stalking…

In the recent past, several reports have appeared to suggest that professionals (often at very senior levels) have been misusing the popular professional network -LinkedIn to message unknown women users.

No job offers, just personal messages and often cheesy comments too, report several women who shared their views and experiences with Pune365

LinkedIn is for work and work alone, Nobody is updating their relationship status or their weekend plans on LinkedIn. People who are on LinkedIn are purely the job aspirants and no women on LinkedIn wants to be hit on, says Shreyasi Mahmulkar, Journalist.

We don’t wish to work in an environment where people make us uncomfortable with their cheesy behaviour and similarly, we just want to hunt for jobs without being hit on.

People who are looking for all this should use other methods and social media apps!

The purpose of LinkedIn should be respected and users should not hesitate to report it or block it, Mahmulkar added.

Men need to get this clear in their head. Am not here to put a picture for your appreciation, nor am I here to meet someone or to be admired through LinkedIn says Payal Singh, a Software professional.

A woman already tolerates a lot of Hie’s, cheesy comments and rubbish from some psychos every day on the social media networks and now weirdos have started that on LinkedIn too.

It is disheartening to find professionals at eminent positions failing to understand the use of LinkedIn and professional platforms. 

Such instances are recurring and LinkedIn should restrict users like this and those found guilty should be barred completely, Singh added.

Men try flirting on LinkedIn because they think girls may be attracted to their money and not their personality. They assume that money and position will get them a date says, Ashish Negi, CA.

Some of my colleagues are using LinkedIn to get back with their old crush which is inappropriate, but according to them, that is the only way they can maintain the relationship by not looking desperate, Ashish added.

From the messages I receive on LinkedIn, it seems apparent that the value of such a platform has diminished for me, says Drashti Shah, Computer science Graduate.

I joined LinkedIn assuming that it is for professionals and will help me get a job, but, in reality this is quite different…

In a month, my LinkedIn inbox is flooded with messages from random guys whom I have never met. It just like a facebook app where a random guy just keeps annoying you till you block him.

No social media site is safe from this breed of people, Shah added.


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