#NewOnPune365 Oracle Speaks with Ashtar Tashi


Oracle Speaks with Ashtar Tashi

From being an alumni of NIFT & then a well-known fashionista, to finding & following her true soul mission, Ashtar Tashi has come a long way.

Almost 14 years ago, she started receiving spiritual insights from divine realms and will be presenting exclusive readings for Pune365 everyday starting tomorrow 18 Jan, 2018

The ARCHANGEL ORACLE CARD READING brings to you a guidance every day. It helps you feel positive and recharged with the messages the archangels have to offer. These messages are not predictive but give you a direction to your life which you may wish to follow. Whether it’s a personal issue or a professional one, or emotional turmoil, mental stress, she will help you by channeling these very apt messages that will resonate with your daily life.

The DAILY AFFIRMATIONS accompanying these messages will help you channel positivity for the day. This positive belief and faith will strengthen the power of the message and the affirmation for you.

Stay Blessed and Keep Shining!


Ashtar Tashi can be consulted with a prior appointment:
www.ashtartashi.com | Tashi@ashtartashi.com | Instagram: @ashtartashi

Ashtar Tashi

Ashtar Tashi

After having received spiritual insights from divine realms, Ashtar helps people understand Karmic challenges and potential strengths that are within each one of us. Using energies like Goddess Oracle Cards, Archangel Oracle Cards, Meditation, Chakra Work and Crystal Therapy, she guides people she connects with.
Ashtar Tashi

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