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Yogita Muttha


Starting this week, Pune365 will present an all new format for our widely read Startup Series; A warmer and more involving look at Pune Startups and their committed entrepreneurs.

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Presenting Yogita Muttha of Santa’s Box in conversation with Aditi Balsaver of Team365.. 

A chartered accountant turned entrepreneur, Yogita Muttha’s foray into business saw her quit a job with Ernst & Young to kickstart Santa’s Box. The ecommerce site curates luxury food, beverages and beauty products in addition to subscription boxes shipped locally and globally.

Startup Essentials

Founded July 2016, Santa’s Box is a global platform for luxury food, beverages and beauty products.Shipping across India, the startup also delivers Violet boxes to the USA, HK, Singapore and UAE.

Focusing largely on vegan and organic brands, they launch new boxes every two months.
Currently function at over 1000 monthly orders. They believe in giving back having worked with The Times Foundation, Rotary Club, Swadhar and WRH.

“Life as a startup founder is awesome!” chirps Yogita.“My day is completely unpredictable. New opportunities come in everyday.There is zero monotony with different situations to tackle continually,” explains the woman who believes entrepreneurship is a state of mind rather than a job.

She confesses to logging in over 100 hours a week sharing, “From the moment I open my eyes to the time I go to bed,work is always on my mind.” Let’s take a glimpse into the young CEO’s life.

Santas Box Founder; Yogita Muttha and what her typical day looks like..

“I kickstart the day with a spot of meditation,” she says adding that work begins with shortlisting brands to be featured on Santa’s Box. She spends a few hours meticulously sampling and testing new products of tea, coffee and chocolates. A later part of her work day is dedicated to testing beauty and skin care products for the upcoming boxes.

Introducing us to the team of 18 young and vibrant dreamers she states that encouraging ideation and new themes is a critical part of her day. With peppy music playing all day long and a dress code of casuals, Santa’s Box is every bit of the dream work space.

Talking about her daily responsibilities as a founder Yogita explains that problem solving and managing unexpected situations is a major part of her role. “Our focus is on work and creating impact. I’m tasked with getting new brands on board and curating the next editions of subscription boxes we call the –Violet Box,” she expounds.

CEO After Hours

Gymming and leisurely dips in the pool are a weekly staple for Yogita
A state level badminton player, she plays a mean game on weekends
She enjoys cooking her favorite food and unwinds with quality family time
Saturday night heralds party time. Vacations mean surfing or scuba diving, snow-boarding is next on her list

Post work, she is off to the gym returning home to a family dinner followed by a game of chess. News and entertainment comes next as she declares her evening ends with a swift perusal of Flipboard. “Some days I enjoy a chuckle watching stand-up comedy videos just before bed,” she says adding that a sound night’s rest is vital for healing the mind and body.


Quiz her about what they’re working on at the moment and she is explains that they’re targeting an exponential advancement of their customer base especially in the US. “I’m also working on including more gourmet products from international brands on our website.

The gutsy young CEO believes entrepreneurship is as Mark Watney quotes in the movie Martian. “You just do the math and solve the problem.

And then onto the next problem and solve that problem. And solve the next problem too. And if you solve enough problems, you get to go home.”

More power to you Yogita! 


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