The Myriad Shades Of Love This February

Shades of Love
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It’s the month of Feburary, when love is in air and Cupid is in full flow, doing overtime sometimes. Streets in Pune wear a rosy look with flower shops and gift outlets doing great business.

It’s Romance time once again…

So this Valentine’s Day, we at Pune365 decided to hit the street and ask citizens what they think about the month of love.

In the case of Joseph and Tina, Cupid had found a mark. The couple, who are in their sixties just got married at a beach in Goa

The couple had a pre-wedding shoot and then got married at the beach. Age didn’t matter for this couple because they shared too many things in common.

“We were made for each other and age did not matter. At least we can live happily together,” says Joseph.

Rajeev and Sanjay, a couple who fell in love years back, decided to work together and not just go on a four hour date so they opened a book store today.

Love isn’t just to celebrate for a week and go on dates and forget it with the hangover of wine but to stay together as love demands togetherness and with no gender bias ”says Rajeev.

And Shaunak, a Rickshaw Driver, gets some money deposited in his wife’s paytms account on valentine.

She lives in village with my family and they don’t allow her to work, so I send her love like this, so she remains independent. I cant afford her gifts for the week the world celebrates, but I want her to afford her desires,  says Shaunak

Take the case of Sneha and her husband, an Army Officer, who have never celebrated Valentine’s together in 15 years.

To make up for this, she donates a certain amount to NGOs on that day. She proudly says, since my husband works in the Indian Army for the welfare of the nation and cannot come home regularly, we both need to contribute to a noble cause .

She says there have been times we couldn’t wish each other valentine so wishing these people around makes my day.

Today while the city is filled with dates and proposals aplenty, we found these strong and different love stories celebrating love with depth of a new order. They swear to keeping their romance intact and seem to be redefining feburary in their own little way.

Our Valentine wishes to these lovely couples and to all our readers !

Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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Riya Kalwani