Mundhwa Police: Khodu Irani Denies All Allegations Against Him

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High Spirits owner, Khodu Irani, has denied all allegations of sexual harassment against him, the Mundhwa Police Station told Pune365. According to senior police officials, Irani, 37, visited the police station and recorded his statement.

“We have recorded Khodu Irani’s statement. He has denied all the allegations against him. Accordingly, he also stated that if he did anything at all, then no one would wait for so long to speak out against him. We have submitted a preliminary inquiry report regarding this,” a senior police official states.

They further added that Irani, in his statement alleged, that this was a case of rivalry between bars. “He claimed that this was a way to defame him on social media, which in turn would affect the business of his establishment.

“He also alleged that he was being threatened on phone by unknown persons to shut the bar. We have traced the phone numbers and verified them to an STD booth in Pune Camp from where these unknown persons allegedly called him,” the police said.

They also inform that Irani, in his statement, also alleged that the video (for promotional purposes) aired by Mirror Now, a news channel, was allegedly rejected by the establishment and was not publicly released.

Police officials said that they are seeking more people as part of their investigation.

Vijayta Lalwani

Vijayta Lalwani

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Vijayta Lalwani