My Mouth Does Not Feel Fresh Dr


For some time now I have been feeling like I have bad breath and my mouth doesn’t feel fresh.What can I do Doctor ?

There can be plenty of reasons for bad breath .The most common being compromised oral hygiene .Get a cleaning done .For home remedy start with modifying your diet by eliminating all spices for a couple of days, drink plenty of water, have plenty of salads and make sure you brush after every meal. This should help.

I am 34 years old and all my teeth have worn down and are damaged . It makes me vey self conscious when I have smile and talk. Please advise me 

34 is a really young age to have damaged teeth. Teeth are meant to last a life time ! You wIll need Full Mouth Rehabilitation .During the treatment we restore your teeth and bite to their normal size like it was before the damage . Treatment is painless and new teeth will feel fantastic .

My tooth was root canaled twice but the treatment failed. What should I do ?

We will need to get an xray of the tooth to check reason for the failure since it has already been treated twice . If it looks very badly infected we may need to extract the tooth and place an implant .

My mothers lower denture does not fit well and it is impossible for her to eat with it. Also the area under the denture is bruised .What can help remedy this for her ? 

This is a very common problem with denture wearers .Especially for the lower jaw. As the bone support becomes poor the denture does not fit well .The simplest solution is to get her an implant supported denture .We place two implants and support the denture on that so it does not move or damage her tissues. It is inexpensive and painless.

Dr Shail Jaggi

Dr Shail Jaggi

Dr Shail Jaggi is a passionate dentist with specialisation in cosmetic dentistry and endodontics. She manages an Advanced Microscope Enhanced Practice – Dentalwiz dealing with all aspects of dentistry. Dr Jaggi is recipient of ‘Outstanding Dentist Of The Year -2015’. Dr Jaggi writes every Wednesday on Pune365.
Dr Shail Jaggi