From The Charismatic Leader To A Confident Entrepreneur, A Mountain Climber To A Biker, A Caring Mother To A Strict Father, A Mother Is All This And More…


Often a mother has to sacrifice her own desires and ambitions for the sake of their families and relatives. Yet, the mother remains a unique personality, who personifies immense strength, perseverance and positivity.

What better way to celebrate their grit and determination than to hear their amazingly positive account of life.  

Rashmi Raghav, an entrepreneur feels that all it takes it a little bit of courage to take a step forward. “I am not very educated myself, but I always wished that my children must be successful professionals…

A few years post my marriage, we faced a financial crisis that forced us to compromise and sacrifice a lot. This was when I took that step and went out in search of a opportunity to earn a living.

I would leave my kids at home and travel to source clothing that I could sell from home. Along with this, I worked at a phone booth often burning the midnight oil just to earn a little more.

My passion for cooking and our situation then, got me into cooking for people from home. This venture that I started by compulsion, got me success and popularity.

Now, ten years down the line, I still run this business successfully and lead a life of my choice. My children are successful professionals employed at different locations in India.”

Mother and Son
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Amita Kapoor, A Media Professional, believes that we are put into situations we are not always prepared for.

When Abhishek came into my life, all I did was cried and prayed to God to show me a miracle. I wasn’t prepared to bring up a special child. All I wanted was to see my child become normal. But soon I realised that nothing else mattered to us than him.

“I had to work to make ends meet and then take care of him too. Soon I realised, that the  thumb rule is to not, treat him like a child with Downs Syndrome and everything since then went smooth.

“Few years ago, I lost the love of my life and my children were my support system. I now see Abhishek (33) as my guru, who keeps giving me his unconditional love and tries to spread nothing but happiness.

He is my happiness coach and an inspiration for many parents who have kids like them. He is their ray of hope now and my greatest treasure,” gleams Amita.

“I was very positive about life and my decision to marry out of my religion. But life is not a fairy tale,” says Prableen, a senior school teacher. “I, like any other person, was in awe of my husband and decided to rebel and take that leap of faith. I left my family and came to him.

But not every love story has a happy ending. Because of work, stress, addiction and anxiety, he became a completely different person. I could see the anger in him and had to bear the brunt of it. Beating, shouting and torture was a regular thing. I kept my kids away from the violent fights and the creature their father had become.

“Over the years, he became a wreck and soon succumbed to medicine overdose. I always had this passion to become a teacher, but was restricted due to the entire marriage issue and then of course managing my husband and children. His support was what I wanted, but fate had its own course.

I couldn’t see anything after him. It was my elder daughter who came in as my support system. Both of us worked to contribute for the expenses.

“Today, after many years of struggling with life, I am finally doing what I wanted to do, thanks to the support of my family,” says this 50 year old, who is now giving her final exams for a bachelor’s in education degree.

#Pune365 takes this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy Mother’s Day! 

# Few respondent names changed on request. 

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