Most Working People Still Prefer A Male Boss?

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Despite Indian women having more than achieved great success and occupying positions of pre-eminence in the corporate world, there is still a section of society who feel uncomfortable having a woman for a boss.

Three in every ten Indians agreed that they would be uncomfortable with a female boss, states a survey conducted by a global market and opinion research company, Ipsos MORI.

The data is based on an online survey conducted on 18,800 adults aged 16-64 across 27 countries from 21 Dec 2018 – 4 Jan 2019.

Of the people Pune365 spoke to, six out of ten felt that a female boss rendered the work environment both tense and hectic.

Speaking from past experience Rakesh Rawal, an accounts manager quotes, “It is not that women are not fun loving or chilled out by personality, but, when it comes to achieving deadlines and reaching goals, women are more headstrong and non-compromising.

“On the other hand, a male boss is more adjusting and ready to compromise and find the mid-way if deadlines are not met. 

One can go for a ‘smoke-break’ and casually mention it to the boss that you may need some time to complete the project.

He will be definitely giving you all the extra ‘gyan’ on meeting deadlines, but will also say, ‘chal theek hai, let me find what we can do’.”

The study indicated that three-quarters globally disagree with the finding that they would feel uncomfortable with a female boss.

“Given a chance, I would like to have a male boss,” said Deepti Ranpara, a corporate trainee.

“I think male bosses would best understand when you give them your reasons to not be on time or taking a day off from work. You can always tell them something that they can understand with hardly any questions asked.

However, when it comes to a female boss, she will be very doubtful of even your genuine explanations and will always have a counter or solution to your problems. She will hint on how you can remedy it and not skip a day.

I think male bosses are more concerned about the completion of the work, but women are adamant on seeing you burn the midnight oil in order to make them realise that you are genuinely dedicated to your work,” adds Ranpara.

“I do not agree with this. I think, having a female boss is the best you can have. She can accompany you to the fests and dinners and enjoy it like your coolest buddy.

You can share all your problems with her, and she will be the best guardian. Career advice, heart breaks or any family issues, she is the go-to person and the mentor to look for.

The best thing is that you can wear any piece of clothing and you still get a compliment!,” smiles Prachi Bisht, a client servicing agent.


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