More Mobile Toilets For Women In Pune- How Clean Will They Stay?

Mobile Public Toilet for Her, Pune


The Pune Municipal Corporation is all set to install 13 new mobile toilets in the city, apart from the existing 10. PMPML’s scrapped buses will be used and converted to Public toilets for women and will be commissioned at several spots in the city.

The civic body has allocated a fund of 25 lakhs for mobile toilets. These mobile toilets will have 5 seats – three Indian and two western styles, along with sanitary napkin dispensing machines and a panic button as a safety measure.

In a great move by the city corporation, Pune365 decided to speak to the women in the cities about installing these new toilets.

No matter how many toilets they install or build, maintaining these portable toilet facilities is always going to be an issue, says Heena Desai, working professional.

The city already had enough funding for the mobile toilets, yet only one is seen in Shivaji Nagar. PMC has claimed that they have 10 portable toilets that are not seen at all. Moreover, if you look at the conditions of the existing toilets, they are absolutely pathetic. No proper power connections, poor hygiene, and they all close by 11 pm.

Without a doubt, the initiative is good and I really hope these 13 toilets are all installed in the city. Desai adds.

We have to go back to our college, malls or a restaurant because the public toilets are not well maintained, says Aishwarya Bansode, student.

They haven’t said anything about the hygiene of this toilets and just installing a sanitary napkin dispensing machine and a panic button is not going to resolve the issue.

They have to ensure they work effectively.

It is time that city should look not only at the installing part but also take a serious note about maintaining it. Despite having all the funding, housekeeping staff of the civic authorities fail to maintain it. Busy areas like Shivaji Nagar, Pune station, Swargate, and tourist areas should at least have staff assigned for periodic cleaning, Bansode adds.

Before installing the new one, they should check the condition of the existing ones and enhance it with additional features. Women in the city prefer control their urge and look for a hygienic toilet, instead of compromising hygiene, says Mrunmayi Kamble, Intern.

It was a relief when the city corporation announced for this mobile toilets, but soon it was the worst nightmare. They’re very filthy and stink all the time and they have no proper water connection and are unhygienic.

Woman tend to get infected easily, which is why it very important to maintain hygiene. I would not completely blame the corporation for hygiene though and city ladies should also ensure to keep it clean after they use them. Moreover, cleaning toilets once a day is also not enough. Supply of water and power is essential.

Mrudul Kavre, an entrepreneur says, ” A welcome decision taken by PMC, it is certainly going to resolve the problems faced by city women, as these toilets promise to be different from the existing ones.

The additional feature of sanitary napkins and the panic button is a much-needed thing in the city toilets. However, they should keep a repeated check on the hygiene and refiling the dispensing machine.

I have once tried using the mobile toilet which is there in Shivaji Nagar. It lacks water supply and the condition is terrible, and it stinks.

Hence, if the condition of the new toilets also ends up the same, there is no point in wasting the taxpayer’s money. Kavre adds.


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