Morachi Chincholi, The Village Of The Dancing Peacocks

Morachi Chincholi
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One of the great things about Pune is it’s proximity to picturesque locations and spots that are just perfect for a day trip or a casual outing…

This rainy week, we at Pune365 decided to explore the lovely village of Morachi Chincholi- the village of the dancing peacocks and here is what we found:

Morachi Chincholi





A small village in the Shirur Taluka of Pune district, Morachi Chincholi-Mayur baug is this lovely destination where our national bird displays its glory attracting tourists from all over. The peaceful and natural environment of Mayur Baug is sure to soothe you.

The Morachi Chincholi Bird Sanctuary is a must visit. The place reflects the untamed glory of the rustic face of Maharashtra with acres of land dotted with beautiful peacocks in close proximity.

Entry Gate

The area has boundaries lined with tamarind trees that also attract these beautiful birds. Chincholi translates to Tamarind trees and Morachi to Peacocks.

A two-hour drive from Pune (60 Km approx.) will take you to this majestic place and give you an exhilarating experience that is tough to replicate.

You can book packages online and let the travel firms work everything out for you. There is also the Mauli Agri Tourism which has a small guest where one can book rooms.

Jai Malhar Krushi Paryatan Kendra ( Mayur katta) is the Peacock Sanctuary, an affordable and superb location to enjoy a day out from the city.

Mayur Krushi Paryatan Kendra provides fresh local and organically grown food with varieties of seasonal fresh vegetables. They also provide their kitchen to food lovers who would like to experiment with their cooking using the locally available produce.

Morachi ChincholiAfter watching the birds dance in full glory, one can have a bullock cart ride and enjoy the farm tour.

The other activities include bird watching, the tractor ride, rain dance, a full-fledged kids park, visit to the fort museum, puppet show, indoor and outdoor games like cricket, basketball, lawn-tennis, football, hockey, soccer, cycling, badminton, tug of war and many more.

Regular tourists recommend a 24 hour package ideally. This will then allow you to be up at 4.30-5 am for star gazing and then go on to witness the peacocks coming in groups with sunrise..

Now, why would anyone want to miss this!


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