#MoodMeter: Juvenile Crimes – Pune Ranks High, What’s Wrong?

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A recent report by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in India presented a very grim picture with Pune ranking third in murderous crimes committed by juveniles.

As reported recently, “Of the 19 metropolitan cities, Pune ranked third in the number of rape, murders and assault on women committed by juveniles in 2016, after Delhi and Bengaluru.

While some attributed these numbers to the unchecked proliferation of sexually explicit content on the internet, few others believe, the parents are equally at fault.

Shreya Chakraborty: Movies have a lot of influence on kids these days. They try to imitate what the protagonist of the movie does. Some movies showcase women as a sex object and a victim. The internet has all kinds of content, but the parents should keep track of what is accessible by their kids. A kid addicted to pornography can attack anyone, be it their female friends, house-maids or even members of their family. They are oblivious of what they are involved in and in my opinion, the parents are to be blamed equally.

Pushkar Joshi: I have seen young boys body shaming a girl in a school uniform. The trend to be cool starts from using slang, going gaga over new gadgets and being the talk of the town among the girls. As one comes close to class 10th they feel the need of owning a bike or an iPhone. We owned one when we could afford it. They have their personal computer, and no one ever checks on their internet surfing habits and if their wishes are not fulfilled they become rebellious and aggressive. The important thing is to make them realise the worth of everything, keep a tap on kids and explain to them on what is good and bad.

Sakina Godhrawala: Kids these days have opinions on everything even if they know anything about it, or not. I think the major thing is the lack of respect for women. In one way or the other, they are exposed often to content that objectifies women as a home maker, birth giving machine or someone who is only good with cooking and taking care of kids. I also have a younger brother. My mother and I always keep instilling in him, about how important a woman is and how he should respect every woman. It is important to have open conversations with young boys to give them food for thought and make them more responsible citizens.

Vansh Chaturvedi: I think these children are influenced probably by bad company or family situations. They might be seeing their parents behave this way and probably they are influenced by it. Honestly, guys do get influenced by watching porn and then they see everyone around them as an object to satiate their sexual thirst, rather than respecting a woman or at least as a fellow human being.

Ria Kalwani: The reason I think that juveniles are openly committing crimes is the lack of fear of police. Most often they are rich brats who have political or government connection and get away easy by bribing the victim/authorities or threatening the victim’s family. Even if they are condemned, they are released soon enough with a minimum fine or a namesake punishment.

If we introduce strict sentences and punishments, these children will think twice before committing such heinous crimes. Hanging and chemical castration is the kind of punishment that needs to be enforced to stop these crimes.


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