Monsoon Styling – Getting It Right !

Monsoon Styling
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The monsoon is in its full glory and getting drenched to the bone isn’t the only problem for a lot of us in the city…

It also spells puddles, mud splashes and musty clothes ! In the excitement to rush outside and enjoy the amazing weather, we tend to make some terrible fashion faux pas’ that can be quite embarrassing..

Here’s a reckoner of simple fashion do’s and don’ts that will help you brace the monsoon in style.

Avoid The Lights And Tights

Let your lights and whites rest in your closet this monsoon. You never know when a vehicle splashes muddy water on you. Also, you don’t want your dress to appear see-through, right?

There is also little room for tight fitting clothes. They will only make you uncomfortable and smell like a damp onion after getting wet. Opt for loose, skin-friendly clothes instead.

It’s Not The Season To Flaunt Your Suede And Leather

We know how much we love our suede shoes and leather boots but trust me, monsoons are not the right season. They become soggy, smelly and dirty.

Rather go for rain boots or shoes with rubber soles. This will help decrease the risk of slipping and will also save your expensive shoes from ruining in the rain and mud.

Save your Silver

Monsoons aren’t the right weather to mirror your hidden bohemian goddess. Keep all your silver and oxidized jewelry away this season. Humidity and dampness will tarnish your favourite set of accessories. So, hold your horses and let the jewelry enjoy their monsoon vacation in their cozy storage boxes.

The Shorter, the Better

Long and flowing gowns with rain in the background look good only in Bollywood movies. But, face the reality. When they sway in muddy water, they can be quite a sight.

Avoid them unless you want soiled, filthy and mucky hemlines. You can always go for short printed dresses, skirts or stylish cotton shorts.

Tie your Hair

Hair ties and hair bands are all long-lost. Those long wavy assets are what everybody wants to flaunt today but hey, it’s time you call back your long- lost buddies. Monsoons might seem romantic but it really does not care about your hair falls and damaged hair. The humidity makes your hair weak, dry and lifeless. Also, try cutting on caffeine intake and drinking lots of water.

Avoid wearing Jeans

It is difficult to think of a lazy day without wearing our favourite pair of denims, but believe us they are of no good in the monsoons. Firstly, it takes a lifetime to dry and the soggy smell is unbearable.

You can always replace your jeans with a cotton or linen trouser. They are not only comfortable but also dry-up super easy. A pair of culottes is always a good choice.

A T(shirt) is the Key

For all those who do not like dressing up, a colourful printed t-shirt is always an option to rock those gloomy monsoon days. They are light and bearable, even when wet.

Also, they dry-up super-fast. You can even take a t-shirt handy for a quick change in case you get wet.

Hope these tips will help you enjoy the rains while keeping your style simple yet stylish !


#Curated in 2017 by Loveleen Kaur for Pune365