Modern Culinary experience at Pandora Gastronomy And Bar

Pandora Gastronomy & Bar

Hephaestus and Athena created a first human woman, Pandora, on the instructions of Zeus in Greek Mythology. She was offered various gifts by different gods. It is after her that Ayank Verma, Prashant Shroff and Himanshu Khanna named their modern yet chic restaurant. Pandora Gastronomy & Bar is the interesting new name on the food block in Pune. “We’re trying to bring out the gifts of good food which have been artistically created at the same time authentic. Very modern and chic. We have avoided going rustic with this. The structure and plating of the food is very different,” says Verma.

While the hungry stomach waits for its food, one can easily turn to the ‘5 Minute Gastronomy’ where nibbling bits will be sent to your table within five minutes regardless of how crowded the restaurant is. These dishes include Tuna Salad, Citrus Bhel and innovative soups like Mushroom and Liquorice Stout and even the Burmese Khowsuey.

Broccoli Galouti

Heading straight for ‘World Plates’ do not miss out on the signature Broccoli Galouti which is a creamy broccoli paté on a mini parantha. The highlight is that it is topped with saffron foam, giving it a distinct taste. Serving mock meat, the Tandoori Soya Chaap is a treat for vegetarians which is marinated in a spicy mix of condiments. Kaffir Lime Chicken Katti is another plate that will not disappoint with its charcoal grill taste flavoured with pineapple chutney.

Chettinad Confit Duck

You can also indulge in a wide range of sandwiches like the Goan Chorizo and Cheddar Sandwich and the Crisp Soft Shell Crab Po Boi Sandwich. In the mains, there are host of Thai, Indonesian, Italian and Indian options to choose from. Picks range from savouring on Nasi Goreng, an Indonesian stir-friend rice dish and Chettinad Confit Duck, to Chingri Malai Curry that is prawns cooked in a thick malai gravy served with steamed rice or even Gnocchi Ala Funghi, soft flour and potato based pillows cooked in assorted mushrooms and truffle oil. Try out the authentic Teppanyaki Bowl with an assortment of vegetables in either tofu or chicken in sticky rice.

Phirni Parfait

The dessert selection is innovative yet delightful. The Phirni Parfait is served with an added surprise to it along with seasonal fruits, rose petals and rose pearls adoring the dessert. The Hazelnut and Salted Caramel Moelleux is a rich textured dessert that will satiate all the sugar cravings at once. Bringing a unique treat, the Japanese Cloud is a fluffy sponge cake served with raspberry culis and a fresh fruit salsa.


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