Mobike Expands Footprint In Pune

Mobike cycles
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Mobike, world’s first and the global leader in Smart bicycle sharing that launched its India operations in Pune’s Kothrud in May this year, is now expanding to the other major areas of the city.

This includes  Fergusson College (FC) Road, Jangali Maharaj (JM) Road, and Law College Road. The expansion aims to cater to a wider target audience that can use Mobike’s smart bicycles for easy commute in these areas. 

The areas being expanded will cater to the neighborhoods that have a dense presence of colleges, residences, office complexes, restaurants and shopping lanes. The key focus will remain on short distance connectivity in these areas where commuters can easily access other travel options and quickly get around the neighborhood on a Mobike.

“We are committed to our vision of bringing in and developing a culture of bicycle sharing in Pune,” said Vibhor Jain, CEO of Mobike India.

“We have been overwhelmed by the tremendous response from Punekars post our launch in Kothrud, which has encouraged us to expand much earlier into other areas of Pune.

“We would like to thank the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the Pune City Police and other local authorities for supporting our vision.” 

“Mobike’s focus is to bring the best user experience for Mobikers. Building on the philosophy and as we expand into Pune we have enabled 3 unique features for customer convenience and superior experience,” added Sujith Nair, CBO of Mobike India..

  • Firstly the operating zone and Parking locations of Mobike’s Pune operations are clearly highlighted in the Mobike app to provide Mobikers easy access to operational information.
  • Secondly, No Parking zones have been clearly highlighted which helps users Park responsibly in areas where they are allowed to, thereby each Mobiker exhibiting responsible behavior towards fellow residents.
  • Thirdly, we have geo-fenced the operating area, so the users are informed when they cross the operational boundary. We take pride in Mobiker’s contributing to enriching the features of our product, and we would continue to bring additional features based on feedback we receive. We are also working on several fan engagement initiatives and we shall hear more on the same soon.”

Mobike bicycles incorporate several unique high-tech features that contribute to the best user experience in the industry, including Internet of Things smart-lock technology, chainless shaft-drive transmission, puncture free airless tires, and built-in GPS.

The service is currently available at 10 rupees for a 20-minute ride and would be geo-fenced to the areas of 

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