This Is What I Miss Most Living Away From Home..

Memories of my home


Be it a student moving to a new city to pursue further studies or another relocating to a cosmopolitan city to start a new career, the home is and will always be missed..

Irrespective of how close or far you are, the burning desire to return home will always remain and yet, travelling and exploring life will always find place; the dichotomy of life as we know it..

Pune365 spoke to a cross-section of youth in the city who today live away from their homes to get their perspective on home and the emotions that remain..

“I miss ‘n’ number of things but the first and foremost thing is ‘maa k haath ka khana’, says Ankita Purohit. No restaurant can be compared to the food a mother prepares in her kitchen. Not only that, I miss her scolding me and how she magically locates what i have been spending the whole day looking for, she adds.

Sahil says, “Those big elaborate Sunday breakfast’s is what I miss. That ‘aloo ka paratha’ with a big spoon of Ghee, ‘Sooji ka halwa’ and hot milk that keeps me going till dinner. And here, I hardly have ever have breakfast!”

For Pritesh, it’s the quality time spent on the terrace in peace and serenity. “Relaxing on the terrace is what I miss now. It’s been seven years that I have been living in a flat without a terrace, away from my native city. There is something majestic about being on your homes terrace early morning and late evening.”

Sakshi says, “Cuddling with ‘Tuffy’ is what I miss now. She is a little fluffy ball of fur who barks her lungs out in happiness on seeing me back. She is a stress buster.”

Saiyam misses being carefree and laid back. “Back home, only mom worries about what to eat for the next meal. Things are simple there. When I was home, my wardrobe was cleaned and refreshed with freshly washed and ironed clothes every day. Now I don’t even remember when I washed my jeans last!” he adds.

The quality time spent with family form Aakash’s fond memories. “I miss sitting in our veranda and chatting for hours with my parents and grandparents over a cup of tea. Unlike now, afternoons at home are not about sleeping from 2 pm and waking at eight in the evening. Everyone there wakes at 4:30 pm just to spend some quality time and that’s what I miss the most.

“My car is what I miss, as travelling in public transport is such a pain, says Radhika. I have to leave early from my house so that I reach office on time.”

Neel says, “When I’m at home, I see my mother all over the house attending to the daily chores.. That is what I miss. There was a sense of security. I could be a child around her doing nothing and lazing on my comfy bed and still get over fed with five meals a day,” he adds.

“I hate doing all the washing and cleaning, says Sayali. From grocery shopping to paying bills, you don’t have to worry about these things back home as our parents take care of everything. Being independent is tough,” she adds.

Loveleen Kaur

Loveleen Kaur

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