‘Are You Mine Tomorrow Or Just Mine Tonight?’

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If you’ve found this curious query rolling off your lips, then dear reader, you’ve been the unwary participant in a one-night stand.

Infamous in their notoriety, these rendezvous often result in a walk of shame coupled with your friendly neighbourhood aunties gossiping with much toothless fervour!

Hold your breath while these Puneites step up to the confessional with the wackiest wicked trysts they’ve had all year:

Uptight No More

“First off, I’m not someone who partakes in one-night stands. It is a whacky concept that I usually am against,” states Ramanathan Iyer a student of Economics in a city college.

That being said, a lot of my pals pointed out that I had a stick up my posterior so I should loosen up.

Above average looks on my part and a shallow attitude on the girls part, led us to match on Tinder. Movie and a late dinner was on the cards.

I expected to kiss her on her doorstep after dropping her home. But the real action was at the movies. Let’s just say Tiger Zinda Hai saw less action that the recliner seats at Inox.

Strangers in the Night

“It was Christmas and I wanted to strike kissing a stranger off my 2017 bucket list,” smirks Nimisha Andar a canine groomer. “I was at my friend’s party and was a part of the clean-up crew.

This guy had been making eyes at me all evening and sidled up to me during the afterparty. We ducked into one of the bathrooms for a spot of canoodling and one thing led to another.

“The only problem was, he admitted that he loved the mystery aspect. So, he didn’t want us to get to know each other afterwards. ‘Let’s not ruin the intrigue by revealing our names’ is what he said before rushing off.”

Conjugal Conundrum

“It was my wedding week and I was gripped by the fear that I would never be with another woman. In a drunken stupor on my bachelor party night, I called up a flirtatious co-worker and suggested we grab a late movie.

Samir Panemaglur admits it was a recipe for disaster. The chartered accountant arrived to pick up his colleague and ended up spending the night.

I guess she never believed we were ever to watch a movie.

The real trouble was convincing her to keep mum about the incident as she was a guest at the wedding.

Yo Mister DJ

“I always love Bollywood nights at city clubs,” shares Hiral Wadhwani a student of journalism. “Dancing away to glory to the latest Punjabi hits is the best way to unwind.

One evening, I stayed a little too late at the club and really struck a bond with the DJ. He said he was getting off at 1am.

“Suddenly, I realized its 11pm and my hostel would be closed. So, I was essentially homeless that night. He asked me over to show me his trance music collection. I ended up staying over the entire weekend not having one mention of the music collection,” she says with a sly grin.



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