Pune Men- Give Us A Break For God’s Sake!


In this age of Feminism and the spirit of Equality, it is about time we ask why the Man is expected to be the bread winner most often ?

Rather than pose this question to the fairer sex, we give Pune’s working men a voice.

Read on as the brawn and the brain of the city share their views, offering an interesting outlook on the subject.

Chetan Bovvin (28), Physical Education Teacher

“Call me a male chauvinist pig, but why do you expect me to slog my whole life?”

“My girlfriend is an engineer, and I think she makes more money than me any day of the week. It would make financial sense for me to stay home, while she makes a pretty penny. But if I revealed my intentions now, her parents would never let her marry me!

Mrunal Shinde (38), Software Engineer

“I think women have it easy. Don’t get me wrong, I have deep respect for ladies whether or not they work. But, having the option of staying home with the kids is so exciting! When I imagine not having to see my rotten old boss each day, I practically give myself a thought-gasm.

Krishnan Ramanathan (25), Doctor

“I hate women. Imagine, growing up with an unbelievably strong emphasis on studies. Then you get into the rat race to become a doctor from a premier medical school  nonetheless! Once this almost impossible has been achieved, what do you get?

“Married to an ectoparasite who skated her way through school only to study arts? The woman only brings her looks to the table, which she is soon to lose because she gets complacent now that she has snagged me. Before you go hating me, just think about it a moment. This lady neither has the wits nor academic background to teach basic science and math to our future kids. Yet she thinks it’s her birthright to shop away to glory while I spend 14 hours a day tending to the sick!?

Sanket Kelkar (50), Entrepreneur

“For me, it’s just the way I’ve been brought up. It’s a personal choice you see. So, I don’t mind being the bread winner one bit! I wouldn’t be satisfied sitting at home leaving it all to my wife were the roles reversed. But the thought of her managing it all and supporting us fiscally does seem tempting.

Teerth Shaha (21), Architecture Student

“If I were a girl, I’d marry a rich NRI like one of my cousins has and go globetrotting. I’m not ashamed to say it, but if I had the option, why not! Who wants to work from age 24 to 55 when they can mooch off a rich husband and take off into the sunset?

Call me un-evolved if you will, but I don’t understand why women object so strongly to my views on the subject. It is okay for girls to do this but a man can’t even dream of such a life? Now that’s inequality!

Tharindu Malinga (50), Marketing Whiz

“Well, I think it is all about one’s perception, just consider Sigmund Freud’s Rapid Emotive Theory. It’s only an expectation if you perceive it as that! Having a career or working is just something you do. I don’t see it as something expected of me or any different than other personal tasks such as eating, bathing, etc.



#All views expressed in this column are those of the individual respondents ( names changed to protect privacy) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to this. 

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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Aditi Balsaver