Meet Roadeo- The RoboCop That Can Help Manage Traffic In City


Traffic regulation compliance has always been a burning issue in Pune, however, increased public awareness and strict enforcement has begun to change the way Pune is responding to traffic discipline.

Police personnel are deployed at multiple spots trying to man the chaotic traffic in every possible weather condition. Long hours coupled with the immense vehicular pollution adding to their woes.

This initiative in robotics comes as a much needed technological solution to these issues for the police and citizens alike. 

To help traffic police manage these challenges, six students from a private robotics lab (headquartered in Chennai), SP Robotics Maker Lab developed a fully functional ‘RoboCop’, named, ‘Roadeo’.

The traffic buddy developed by students in the age group of 11-14, Parth Kulkarni, Shruten Pande, Rachit Jain, Aadi Kanchankar, Shourya Singh and Vinayak Krishna of SP Robotics (that trains people in the field of robotics) was launched on a pilot basis and received accolades from the Pune traffic police and citizens.

Speaking to Pune365 about, ‘Roadeo’, one of the many inventions by the lab, Sandeep Gautam, head at SP Robotics Maker Lab, Pune branch, says, “The idea was put together by the experts in the organisation and the students.

The students here have to come up their own project ideas after completion of every module on handling a problem in the day to day life and it was after multiple talks and discussions, we narrowed down on developing a buddy cop.

The Roadeo was launched on January, 15, 2019.

“After selecting the students, they were trained by the faculty from Chennai and specific TRAINING was given to the team in terms of selection of components, designing, flowchart, software development etc,” explains Sandeep.

“Robots can be made time and again, but a human life is precious and cannot be replaced,” quotes a 12-year-old student, Rachit Jain, who aspires to become an efficient programmer.

“Initially, it was difficult for us to convert our thoughts into a product. But with the help of experts we were able to complete the blue prints, manufacturing the parts of the robot, assembling and programming in two months,” adds Rachit.

“We do not intent to impact the job opportunities in India by replacing the policemen with robots…

“The Roadeo is just to assist the cops for efficient traffic management while keeping them safe,” says Parth Kulkarni, one of the team members and an aspiring ethical hacker.

DCP Traffic, Tejaswi Satpute operating the Roadeo.

“The name was suggested by the Research and Development team keeping in mind that it helps handle traffic on the roads,” says Shruten Pande, who feels that robots and artificial intelligence is the future.

The Police buddy is able to handle traffic in its manual mode and can be operated via a mobile application from a distance of 30 metres.

The fully functional robot uses WiFi technology and IOT (Internet Of Things) enabled and is equipped with a 16-inch LCD screen that displays traffic rules and other messages and images.

It boasts of efficient body movement with a placard held in one hand that instructs riders to stop. It has anti-skid wheels, siren and four obstacle detection sensors to prevent obstruction when in auto mode.

The robot can also be equipped with cameras to capture traffic violations and send challans to the violators on their mobile devices.


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