Meet Oreo And Domino, The Feline Queens In Gayatri Patil’s Life

One is a wild cat the other more social. One demands attention, the other gets it with her sweet ways.

Food and travel blogger Gayatri Patil walks the tightrope between her two queens – Oreo and Domino. She tells us how:

The Two


We were forced to love Oreo, a beautiful black and white cat, when she took over our place when my adopted dog Chichi passed away. And she was so cute we could not resist. Though early on she stayed indoors, over time she decided she wanted to be outdoors more. Since we never believed that pets or animals in general she be tied or held back, we let her go.

And, Oreo is a wild one.

We do worry about her sometimes when we don’t see her but she comes by every few weeks to say hi and give me a leg massage. 

Domino was one of the cats from Oreo’s first litter. She’s a brindle and absolutely gorgeous. She never left my veranda and was always around. We feed her dry fish sometimes and she loves milk.

So she knows which buttons to press to get to us. She is always climbing our metal door and getting in and out all day. 

The two have never fought, I guess they know they are related so they respect each other. Oreo stopped coming indoors much since Domino took over.

Different Ways

Oreo is very fancy and kind of a bit to herself and selfish and likes the attention.

Domino is very caring is very talkative and loves to greet me when I come home, she takes up abandoned kittens and takes care of them like her own. Every evening she waits for her food along with the kittens she is fostering or the boka who visits for his meal.

She always waits till everybody has eaten before she begins. 

The Fun Bit


Cats talk, they meow and look into my eyes and mumble and I talk back in Marathi and always ask them how was their day and what they did through the day.

The downside is that its very annoying to get woken up by your cat. Domino is very persistent with her mewing and I have to get her what she wants whether it is 4 am or 11.30 pm.

I can’t stop her from talking till she gets everything she wants. It gets worse especially when they get me gifts of dead animals at 3 am.

From Dogs to Cats

I seriously have no idea how I took to cats. I never really did like them. Of course, now I have realised they are as loving and caring as dogs, very unpredictable but still amazing.

My cats are extreme attention seekers all the time that they are around. They talk too much, to the point of irritation. Dogs are much much easier. 

Did we hear Domino meeo?


Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan