Meet Jack – The Wonder Boy at Ambarish Bhattacharya’s

Furholics - Jack
Ya, I am Jack- The Wonder Boy!

Jack is a two-year-old Labrador and much like his name, he is sharp, funny and has an amazing personality.

Ambarish Bhattacharya, Jack’s Dad is a Technical Advisor by profession and says, “Before adopting Jack we had just lost our Indie Rani who was with us for 9 years.

Jack with his Dad Ambarish

Life was a huge void when I came across an adoption post on Facebook about Babu (re-christened Jack).

No one was interested in him, as he was a nine-month-old tri-pawd. His rear hind leg was amputated just after birth.”

Jack instantly caught my attention. The pic was enough to take a decision- I wanted him!

The family was sad that they could not take care of him and his mother at the same time, since they had other constraints.

Yet for us, Jack came into our lives like a rainbow…

“I feel complete after he came. He is everything to me, I can talk to him about anything, at any time and he is my only man-Friday, who listens and reacts, as well, with undivided attention.

Furholics -Jack
Yes, May I help You ?

He is the reason I come back home. I  shun all kinds of excitement just to get back on time for him, as he needs me and I need him more.”

In fact, I think my love for him has made me a bit anti-social  He is always there, tired or otherwise and in my mind always.

Jack is not my pet, He is my son. Full of energy, full of excitement. His Quad-pawd friends cannot keep up with his energy.

Jack has infinite love for humans, dogs, cats, birds, pigs and almost the entire world of friends.

Often, when we have guests at home and if someone asks me to tie him up, I make it clear  that it is Jack’s house and I only pay the rent. I offer to lock them up in a room, but not my son, Ambarish adds with a laugh.

He gets sad if someone tries to shoo him away and begins to sulk just like a baby.

Furholics - Jack
Can’t you see that I am chilling?

Ambarish goes to say that “He is the sweetest dog I have ever come across, not for tricks or anything, but his understanding is amazing. He knows when he can go out after I come home and figures how the moment I have parked”

Due to his physical challenge, we need to make sure that he is fit as a fiddle. Hence most of his meals are oats and vegetables with chicken or chicken broth, with dog food once a day, which I will eventually do away with.

Bhattacharya shares, “Jack is a die-hard fruit lover and most of the fruits are his favourite.

Vegetables he likes all except for beetroot. He loves the occasional smoked bone, which he is responsible for hiding and retrieving when he wants a crack at it. Not to forget, his diet includes curd rice at least twice a week.”

He can sleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow. But most of the time he sleeps when I sleep, on my bed.

He has his own cooler, 24/7 fan and light and his own bed, which he incidentally never sleeps on! 

The best part is that he will only bark when you will take him away from me, never otherwise. The neighbours at times ask me whether he is still there with me or not.

He is alone in the house for up to half a day, without any problems whatsoever, Ambarish added.

#And here’s a big hug for Jack, the wonder boy from all of us at Pune365!



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