Meet Bob Ghorpade- The Handsome Young Punekar At The Bhattacharya’s

Furholics - Bob Ghorpade
Bob Ghorpade

Meet BOB- A true Punekar and a social media sensation too!

Bob is the year and a half old Indie and his parents, Meera and Devaroop Bhattacharya are both software professionals and are out for work everyday. Bob rules the house during these 8 hours and ensures its safety. 

Furholics - Bob Ghorpade

Meera and Devaroop were married for a year and were in love with Mogu – an indie puppy adopted by a family they know. They yearned for one of their own, but were wary of the commitment.

“After rescuing a few voiceless in need, we couldn’t control our urge any longer and woke up one morning to ride the streets of Dhanori to find a puppy to adopt.

We searched for 5 hours that day and ended up finding none..

The next day, while we were expressing our inability to find a puppy with a few friends at work, one of them mentioned that there were seven motherless 20 day old puppies near his house trying to find a home.

Getting Bob Home:

Devaroop shares, “Later the same evening, we rushed to the spot at Sinhagad Road to see a litter been taken care off by employees of a company.

It was January and it was chilly. The Puppies were sleeping one above the other for warmth.

We couldn’t decide which one to pick and were quarrelling amongst ourselves.”

At that moment, one of them started crawling up my wife’s foot and we thought that he chose us. Without a second thought, we got him home and named him Bob.

We got him home curled in a small carton and since then he’s part of our family.

His name is inspired by Bob Marley and his surname ‘Ghorpade’ is because he is a pure Punekar even though both of us are not.

Furholics - Ghorpade
Bob with his parents

“Having Bob in life is something which cannot be expressed in words. Right from feeding him with a bottle, cleaning up after him, building small houses for him, playing with him and all such wonderful moments that we cherish, “ says Meera and Devaroop.

Bob will be two on Jan 1, 2019. He has grown to his full height, but at heart, he is still the same 20 day old. He still lifts his legs for the belly rubs, pushes us with the nose to show he wants to play, growls at us when he dislikes cuddling and comes to us shamelessly every time we dine.

Bob’s Routine:

Bhattacharya shares, “Apart from the daily walks I have with Bob, we have started taking him on our trips and the monsoon is our favourite season.

Our weekends in the monsoons are spent in the lush greenery of the Sahyadri and we, Bob included, explore different hills, forts and the waterfalls.”

After having Bob in life, our walks became longer and our quarrels get resolved quick thanks to a small wagging tail. None of our extended families (both sides) has ever owned a dog. After some minor initial friction when we got him, they are now addicted to him and die to meet him.

Bob travels to Hyderabad and Mumbai often in the backseat of our car to meet them.

Bob and Shadow play every morning and evening in a neighbourhood enclosed area. Shadow is a female adopted indie who lives in the 4th-floor of the same building and is his girlfriend.

Bob and Shadow
Bob with his girlfriend Shadow at Pawthon

Their game routine includes, running behind a bird or cat/barking at passersby and sometimes WWF. Surprisingly, these two dogs have very similar emotions to us humans and express their discomfort when they don’t meet.

Bob is a running enthusiast. And he loves going outdoors. We take him out on open grounds in the Khadki area whenever we find a little time.

Like other dogs, bob loves to eat and likes to keep a watch on the neighbourhood to protect the house. In the process, he irritates people at night. When shouted at, he cuddles between us on the bed to show remorse.

Meera shares, “Bob sometimes watches TV when there are puppy videos on. He chills beside the window looking at people and the cats roaming around. He makes his presence felt to anyone new to the house and keeps calm after that. He tries to seek belly rubs from everyone new in the house.”

Bob is strictly prohibited to beg for food from our plates but he does it anyway, partly because we give in to him at times, Meera added.

His outdoor activities make him hungry and tired every day. We are afraid when he doesn’t get enough exercise some days (rainy, etc) because he then forces us to play endlessly all evening with pillows and his toys at home. He gets a lot of sleep in the day when we are away and gets ready for activities in the evening.

BoB doesn’t dislike anything, except Diwali. He loves exploring and playing. He also loves Shadow, his soul mate, teasing him.

They’re in fact already engaged, the families have spoken and the dowry is decided, Devaroop added with a laugh.

Bob has kept us on toes ever since we have got him, but our worries are well taken care of by his wagging tail, says Bhattacharya’s signing off…

#And here’s a big hug for BOB from all of us at Pune365!

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