Matters Of Public Interest Are Boring Say Pune’s Youth

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It is an established fact that our younger population can herald change in society. Often, all it takes is their active involvement to make a significant difference in heralding a better tomorrow.

While there is a section of the youth who have taken it upon themselves to effect positive change, the majority still remain oblivious of the larger issues impacting the city and the world at large.

We spoke to a cross section of young Puneites to understand the reasons for this obvious indifference to matters of public interest: 

“I just completed my graduation and back in college, we hardly got any time to read the news, but I do read about matters that are closely related to me,” says Piyush Patil, a designer.

Since I mostly read news while scrolling my Facebook feed, I tend to read whatever is available there. I do know about things like rise in the temperature, or air pollution, but what can I do about that?

“It isn’t possible to skip bikes and take a bus. There is hardly anyone talking about such practical measures that someone can do.

A solution-based news article is what might induce me to read it and then give me ways in which I can contribute.

Everyone speaks about innumerable issues happening, yet, how many of them offer a solution for us to implement? Piyush adds.

Ramesh Rao, a marketing executive says, that such news in our newspapers is presented in such a dull and uninteresting manner that it doesn’t appeal.

“Online sites do make it interesting, but they also add so many facts and figures and not everyone is interested.

No one has time to sit and read a half page article and conclude that there has been an 80% increase in the number of vehicles. I don’t have enough time to solve all the problems myself. There are authorities to tackle all these problems.

“I work and pay my taxes dutifully and have also started skipping on plastic products, what is the government doing? Aren’t they supposed to make laws that are helpful to make our lives easier?

“It is when I do not understand the relevance about any particular thing, I lose interest in it,” says Meghana, a photographer.

I feel these news items are really boring and worthless. At the end it narrows down to just blaming the authorities. There is nothing new in this.

“People have been talking about rapes, traffic and city issues for the past 10 years and they will just continue talking about this for the next decade as well!

Instead of reading about all this, I feel it is better to read about things that adds meaning to your life, rather than such negative reports,” she adds.

Prateek Mukherjee, a retired government officer feels that Youth now-a-days are least bothered about things happening in their surroundings.

They feel that if they are able to survive an earthquake, or are able to manage traffic and reach home, it is good enough.

“They do not have any sense of belonging and responsibility towards the society. I have seen kids talking about matters of larger interest, then there are some who turn a blind eye to someone who is dying on the road. I wonder where this indifference will lead them to,” Mukherjee adds.


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