Manisha Jain – Image Building Is Essential Today

Image Consultant

“People must realise that in order to earn respect, they have to manage their image wisely in their personal, professional and social lives,” says Manisha Jain, founder and lead image consultant at SeaChanges.

Jain was speaking on Image Management, Art of First Impressions and Dressing as Per Body Shape at a recent event in Pune organised by the group Ek Nai Pehchaan with more than 100 ladies. “This can be done by managing the Appearance Behaviour Communication and Digital Footprint (ABCD) of Image Management.

“If we are in alignment with the ABCD, we will always project a winning image,” she added.

All the aspects of image management were explained in detail with live and practical demonstrations.

“Image management is the ongoing process of evaluating and
controlling the impact of your appearance on yourself and others,”
says Manisha.

“In today’s competitive world, we have only a few seconds to create a lasting impression. There are no second chances. “It has evolved to become the need of every professional to succeed in their roles and for most corporates to help achieve their goals

“The way you present yourself your image has a profound impact on your
career,” she said. Manisha, with the support of her husband, took up a career as an image
consultant, banking on her oratory skills and teaching experience. She has trained more than 300 doctors, many corporates ,schools colleges and ladies’ organisations.

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