Man Proposes, Woman Disposes !

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Driving off into the sunset with your partner is certainly a dream come true… but is it really as simple ? Certainly not, and more often than once, you can successfully fail !

Check out Pune’s most embarrassing proposals of 2017 that turned possible ‘I dos’ to a resounding ‘I don’t’!

We curate a list of doomed proposals ( all actually reported ! ) that are sure to have you in peels of laughter ..

The Man in the Ditch

“We were walking along an empty albeit, pothole-ridden road to the secluded spot where we usually hung out,” says Raghu S. “I happened to stumble and fall down in a ditch, when she held out her hand to help me up.

“As I was already on one knee, I saw the perfect opportunity. Taking inspiration from Rocky Balboa, I went, ‘Well, what do you think you’re doing for the next, uh, 30 years?

I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind marrying me very much?

“She helped me up, but did decline politely, which just goes to show- you cannot exclude the bling! Flowers, fine wine and a sparkling diamond are probably a must for every successful proposal.”

The Airport Proposal

“Having been in a long-distance relationship for over a year, I thought it was time to pop the question. I’d just turned 30 and my parents figured it was time I settled down,” reveals Vedant Pai. She was flying home after 8 months and I thought I’d surprise her with a romantic airport proposal akin to her favorite movie.

“So, I arrived with flowers, chocolates and a velvet box carrying the ring. Her entire (joint-Marwari) family was there. I was down on both knees and mortified. She turned away when she saw them and completely avoided me.”

Don’t put it in the Cake

“My foodie boyfriend thought a ‘Ring hidden in the cake’ proposal would go down well,” shares Nisha Wagh. “We were at my uncle’s restaurant and the solid gold ring came buried in the choco-lava cake. Being a dessert-junkie, I dug right in and couldn’t stop the horrible ring from slipping down my throat.

“I went purple in the face from choking. The whole restaurant was staring as bits of cake flew from my mouth while I gagged. It was unimaginably embarrassing.

“I wasn’t sure about the match before, but his horrific act heralded the end of our relationship. I can never forgive him.”

DJ got Flak

Farhan Joad a free-spirited DJ, was egged on by his friends to propose to an attractive belle who they’d just rated a redonculous 9/10. “The guys watched as I stood up with a false sense of bravado and strode over to the girl. Secretly I was sweating bullets.

“’Do I know you from somewhere?’, I asked lamely. She said she didn’t, which was when I suggested that we could get to know each other.”

’My damn posterior looks hotter than your face’, she said, throwing me a contemptuous glance. I melted right there in a pool of humiliation while my friends guffawed,” he rues.

Now that you know what not to do, good luck popping the question!

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

A rapacious reader and animal lover, Aditi is a traveler on weekends and a writer at night..
Aditi Balsaver