At Your Own Peril.. Buying Her a Gift !

International Women’s Day Special

For the female of the species is more deadly than the male…

So wrote Rudyard Kipling in one of his pensive moments. Poor Rudyard, must have been jilted or something.

But don’t take his words lightly as Women’s Day is upon us and it’s apparently the time to show our appreciation to the better half, partner and so on ..

The right gift will probably melt away those anxious moments that every man is faced with on such complex occasions.

However, choosing a gift is no easy task in the first place. And when it comes to the apple of your eye, be warned… So put the thinking cap on and let the grey cells do overtime.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts. Success is far from guaranteed… !

FLOWERS: No way. How can you? It needs to be an add on for another gift to be acceptable. And flowers were already proffered a month ago during Valentine’s Day. Plus flowers are cheap and women tend to hold that against you. Buying a bouquet of flowers is thus also cheap. Logical deduction and so on..

PERFUME: A definite yes. But again, it is essential to pay attention to detail. All the perfumes possessed by the woman in your life must be studied carefully. There is a chance that, with your scant knowledge of these products you may duplicate the same brand. Please check with other women friends on the latest trends. Make sure that the price is right. One doesn’t want the price to be thrown at the face on a later date.

DINING OUT: Maybe. This could be a momentary pleasure which could earn you a few brownie points. Again, ensure you book, to stay safe! Try and choose a restaurant which has not been visited before, to make the occasion special. A little wine, if she is inclined to it, may help smoothen any unsavoury moments of the immediate past.

WINE: Does the lady in your life enjoy a glass of wine from time to time? Why not go the extra mile and buy her a subscription to a wine delivery service? There are some fantastic websites where you can place a regular wine order online nowadays. Take a look, and if you are lucky, she might even share a glass with you!

BEAUTY PRODUCTS; A face cream, bought in good faith, could lead to a nasty situation concerning her looks. You may be accused of not appreciating her beauty and that you imagined she needed a cream to be attractive to you again. Consult women friends before you buy. They might tell you to take a look at these Thin Lizzy products that could be up her alley, friends are the best source of information, you may know your wife but her friends have every inch of her covered, so it is wise to seek out their wisdom!

JEWELLERY: Yes, yes and yes. Always appreciated and the more expensive the better. Make sure you have enough in the bank before venturing out. Don’t compromise on price etc. She will know. Be ready to forego all-male outings over the next four months. Just make sure you get her something she likes. For example, if you know that she likes wolves then maybe you could get her something like this wolf jewelry? Just make sure you get her something she will absolutely love though!

WATCH: Strictly on request . No compromise on price please. Ask before you buy.

NEW CAR: Buy if you have the money. You will be in safe haven for a few days.

HOLIDAY: Expensive but welcome. Bid goodbye to freedom during the entire duration. Make sure you have been a good boy over the preceding days to ensure a complaint free break. Stay calm at all times..

LOVE AND FRESH AIR: Cheapo ! Don’t even contemplate.

Babu Kalyanpur

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