For the love of Pizza! Pune’s Top Pies

The love for pizza is alien to none of us. Luckily, Pune has it all from the NY thin crust to Chicago’s deep dish! If you love yourself a crisp base festooned with toppings and velvety cheese, then stop over at one of these joints.

The Greedy Man Pizzeria

Pizza addicts rejoice for the Greedy Man makes a mean pie. Baked in an electric oven, their 12″ pizzas are a slice of heaven. Must try the greedy man(spicy). A word to the wise, their limited seating means no reservations: no nosh!

Where: Kalyani Nagar
Cost for two: Rs. 600

Baked & Wired Pizzeria

Crave a taste of the famed Chicago deep-dish? Baked & Wired has it! With a crusty base and rich filling, this one is a foodie’s dream. Must try their 28” Monster pizza.

Where: Kalyani Nagar
Cost for two: Rs. 800


If its flavour you crave and not an upmarket ambiance, then Cheezy is for you. This hidden gem serves up delectable pizzas with exciting budget-friendly daily combos. Must try Cheese Burst for a mozzarella overload.

Where: Chandan Nagar
Cost for two: Rs. 200


Foodies who crave unusual selections can head to Bubsterrs. Their slice pizzas perfectly sate the quirky palate. Must try Garlicky Mushroom and Spice fest chicken pizza.

Where: Baner
Cost for two: Rs. 600


Purely for doorstep deliveries, Basilia is the place to call when you are ravenous. With an amiable staff, the chefs are open to tweaking pizzas to suit your palate. Must try the unique Pizza Moussaka.

Where: Wakad
Cost for two: Rs. 400

Little Italy

One for the classics, this is a popular haunt for those who favor classic Italian pizzas. A bit pricey, this is perfect for special dinners. Try their classic Sicilia.

Where: Bund Garden Road
Cost for two: Rs. 1400


If silky cheese and succulent meat dished over a crisp base has your taste buds do the conga, then Pizzarella is for you. Insisting on ample toppings, this eatery will have you salivating. Must try their creamy Mushroom slice.

Where: Salunkhe Vihar Road
Cost for two: Rs. 800

The Mighty Crust Pizzeria

‘Variety is the spice of life’ is truly their motto, for they promise you 4 pizzas varieties in one. Their 18″ thin crust pizzas are famous. Meat-lovers try their Hottie.

Where: Pimple Nilakh
Cost for two: Rs. 500

Cheesiano Pizza

Cheesiano is well-liked for its focus on pie’s made of fresh dough, ample mozzarella and varied toppings. Dessert lovers frequent this spot to try the Cheesiano Chocolate Pizza.

Where: Balewadi
Cost for two: Rs. 550

Largo Pizzeria

Have a hankering for an extra-large pie? Largo rises to the challenge with some exciting half and half choices. It’s ideal for the avaricious foodie who cannot settle on just one pizza! Must try the appetizing COP and Tres Formaggio.

Where: Viman Nagar
Cost for two: Rs. 500

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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