Love Marriage – A Seen Passage From Your School English Paper

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Abhimanyu Seth a city-based SEO strategist considers himself quite the adventure enthusiast. His latest feat is one that shall offer him thrills that last a lifetime. With a refreshing take on marriage, he draws a parallel that quite frankly takes you right back to school.

“Back in school days we had a seen passage in every English paper,” says he making you wonder where this is going.

“As a diligent student it’s your responsibility to study all the syllabus hoping that something you’re familiar with pops up in the exam. We all did this earnestly as wee 13-year olds and got quite excited when we arrived at the seen passage.

“This was something we knew, you see. So, we think we can handle it and score big!”

Fast-forward to your late-twenties and it’s time to choose a companion for the rest of your life. Abhimanyu explains that the million-dollar question is- Should you choose someone you know or opt into an arranged marriage.

“Is a known devil really better than an unknown one?” he asks before explaining-

“The context is the same as our beloved English paper. A love marriage is like a seen passage and here’s my theory on it-

“The perk is that you may think you have found your true soulmate. But relationships mean you take them for granted sometimes. This brings in impulsive behaviour where you’re not holding back, so your flaws are exposed. This is akin to losing your nerves with the seen passage where you happen to mess up and score low. After all, no matter how well we were prepared to answer the questions, we fumbled when it mattered the most and scored lower than expected.

“Then sometimes you expect too much from them because you have invested so much of your time and effort on them.” He admits that being too familiar with a spouse can dissolve the mystery which leaves absolutely no scope for imagination whatsoever.

“Is she the beguiling Menaka you hoped for as a 90’s kid? Or maybe she is just the boring old TV serial bahu, your mother always dreamt of.”

“With a girlfriend, you know for sure, phew! I wouldn’t risk being disappointed later.” He also believes that relationships make partners quite critical and harsh about each other’s good and bad traits. “There’s also complacency where you’re too comfortable. Neither party is willing to take that extra step forward knowing that the match is won and it’s a done deal. So I deem this the only negative if you like a safe and relatively comfortable rut that you’re bound to settle in with a long term partner.”

These elements make us believe a seen passage looks promising to Abhimanyu. “Yet might fail to deliver on our desired set of expectations..” he broods.

Ultimately, the choice is yours whether to go for a seen or an unseen passage in your life’s question paper.


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