Love At A Distance: How To Keep A Relationship

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Maintaining relationships at a distance is not an easy task. But, nevertheless, many couples successfully cope with it and save feelings.

In this short article, we will tell you how to maintain and strengthen relationships at a distance. Of course, nothing compares to the possibility of hugging your loved one, but at the same time, there are ways to overcome distance and keep love.

Speak To Each Other
Of course, there are a lot of much more convenient messengers than Skype — you can stay in touch with your second half all day. But still, try to talk with each other more often and preferably via Skype in order to see each other. Of course, it is impossible to accurately convey the intonation in the correspondence even if you have long been together and know each other perfectly. You don’t see the facial expressions of each other in a telephone conversation and you also lose a lot.

Communicate And Share Your Feelings
Is it easy to say, but hard to do? First of all, never say: “You never call me first!” or “You cheat on me! I sent you ten messages last night and you didn’t answer me until the morning came!”. Try to tell about your feelings: “I was upset because I couldn’t call you yesterday,” or “I would be very glad if you called me more often.”

Go For A Compromise And Be Flexible In The Relationship
Again, these words may seem empty to you. But remember that the distance doesn’t make a kind of enemy from your second half who takes pleasure in torturing you. You are still a couple, but now you need to learn how to maintain a lively, warm connection from a distance.

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Meet Regularly
It is clear that the frequency of your meetings depends on many factors: your distance, your schedule, and finance. But you must establish a schedule of meetings on a “no less than …” basis. Will it only be six months from now? Let it be so, but you must know for sure that this meeting will take place. Agree on this in advance and never cease to look for creative ideas for a date. This is an important tip for a relationship at a distance.

Don’t Talk About What Separates You
If your second half has gone to another country, you, of course, will be very interested in knowing how life is arranged there. But the less you ask about it — the better (unless, of course, you’re not going to move there). This is because the sensation of a completely alien world will sooner or later become associated with a loved one. And she, too, will become a stranger.

Feel Free To Express Your Feelings
It is important to understand that you need it. You have lost a huge part of your relationship — lovers express most of the feelings in non-verbal forms: holding hands, hugging and kissing. Although you are deprived of this opportunity, you will have to fill the tenderness with words.

Do Something Together
Fortunately, modern means of communication allow you to choose the products together for dinner in real time: for example, turn on Skype and go to the store. This is incredibly nice because, first of all, it creates the illusion of presence, and secondly, it removes the problem “we have nothing to talk about.”

Don’t Lie To Each Other
It is extraordinarily convenient to lie at a distance because a partner will never know about it. The problem is that you may get used to lying and it will be difficult to dissociate yourself from the habit of lying and not telling truth. Of course, you can’t check whether your second half lies to you. But, at least, don’t lie to yourself. This will greatly help your further relationship.

Don’t Be Jealous
Is love possible at a distance without jealousy? Actually, it is almost impossible. Therefore, don’t even start to do it. All you can do is to trust your partner. This must be taken for granted.




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