LookUp : Vodafone & Ogilvy India – Simply Brilliant !

Vodafone #LookUp this FriendshipDay
Courtesy: #LookUp this Friendship Day - A ad-film by Ogilvy India for Vodafone.


I am a happy man. I saw some great advertising from our country on this friendship day…

An outstanding ad for Vodafone urging the millennial to look up; A concept on the eternal mobile obsession bit and how they have made themselves oblivious to human contact outside of the virtual world.

Super work Ogilvy India. This is a perfect example of great advertising built on a simple premise. And more than anything else, what made me happy is that Vodafone and their brand custodians went ahead with a campaign that actually discouraged the use of the mobile phone.

This takes brand maturity of a very high order. Distancing yourself from your fundamental objective and moving onto a higher plane isn’t easy and necessitates deep insight into your current audience.

I do hope brand managers learn from this and accept the need to distance yourself from your brand to take pragmatic decisions that can catapult your positioning to a new high. Am sure Ogilvy played a significant role in this particular exercise but that is what great creative work is about; great teamwork works!

Evolving a focussed brand persona is not something that can be done overnight unlike what a lot of clients may think. This isn’t magic. It takes amazing audience insight that is often, beyond the human eye. And once you have it all right, it is important to understand that it has to constantly evolve and adapt to the ever flirtatious audience that brands are battling..

Advertising isn’t a game. Once you’ve done your research and hired your creative team/ agency,, allow them to breathe. Give them freedom to think and beyond what has been done by you. Contrary to what you may think, they do understand your business and are not in it only for the retainer you pay them. Well, not a good sensible agency for sure.

If you insist on having your point of view adapted, it would be prudent for you to create your own advertising. There is really no point in hiring a good agency and then deciding what they should be doing for you. Great advertising that works isn’t built this way.

Yes, you know your business, But this isn’t about your business alone. This is about the audience and your potential customer and there are others that exist in this world, who happen to understand this and often a shade better.

Allow them to do their job and in all probability, you will see good advertising that works well for you.


Jaisurya Das

Jaisurya Das

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Jaisurya Das