Lok Sabha 2019- City Youth With Their Wishlist

Vote - Loksabha Elections 2019
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The city’s youth are all set to cast their vote on April 23rd 2019 for the Lok Sabha elections. Pune that has the highest youth population is a huge talent bank of the future.

Speaking to Pune365, city youth shared their wish list for the elected candidates to deliver on this general elections.  

Most of the youth said that they’re looking forward to political parties who will create job opportunities for the youth. Ajinkya Kharade, Software professional says, “ I wonder if people going ahead will actually get employment opportunities.

The market is in such a bad shape today that investors don’t want to invest in any business and small companies are getting wiped out every day.”

MNCs should create more and more opportunities for the youth and keep their experience bar low so even freshers are considered for jobs.

There should be a clear plan of action to have more employment options. Moreover, the admission process in the colleges should be on merit list and not caste quota, or any reserved category.

Reservations should be abolished for everyone, Kharade added.

The parliament holds1/3 of seats for women candidates which is sadly not followed thorough most often, says Pooja Mishra, Journalist.

More women representatives should be members of the parliament as there are many women related issues which are not handled with the kind sensitivity and concern it deserves.

transgenders should be made part of the system as their concerns and issues are often neglected even during the elections, Pooja added.

Neha Kadam, Environmentalist says, All of us want good jobs and a good career, good technology, but what about the basic needs that is essential for life – a clean, green and healthy environment?

Everyone is striving for their own self and the main issues like environment is often neglected.

There can never be a good life without a green environment. In the name of development, the green cover of the city is getting erased at a rapid pace. This is not only impacting the farmers, but also to the health of everyone- from babies to senior citizens!

Animal welfare is another important aspect which is ignored by the parliament. Despite many rules and regulations, there are heinous crimes that are committed every day against them.

Pollution rates are high, temperature is rising continuously- the elected members should be focused on these environment factors.

Development is needed and appreciated, but not at the cost of our green cover, Kadam adds.



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