Living The Wonderful World Of Being A Penguin Dad

Penguin Dad
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When the female penguin lays an egg, her nutritional reserves become depleted and she must return to feed in the ocean for two months. This leaves the responsibility of keeping the egg warm through the freezing antarctic winter to the father. The father spends the two months holding the egg precariously between the tops of his feet and his brooding pouch, without feeding, throughout the brutal winter.

Indian dads are playing an active role in the upbringing of their child now. But does parenting impact change in their lives? Pune365 decided to check with city parents on their personal experiences playing the quintessential penguin dad:

Harsh Moolchandani opines, “ I have a six-months-old son and frankly I am a fresher in the dad field, but trust me, it’s an amazing feeling. Life has added one more feather in my cap.

After work, I rush to my place to spend all my time with my son. Blessed with a calm and healthy boy Mahir is adream come true.

I am a sports enthusiast and enjoy watching matches especially football with him. He is so tiny and can bearly understand anything, yet, we communicate a lot!

Maybe this special bond is enough for my son to comprehend. Every father ought to dedicate his time with his child. These days are truly special.

I believe both parents should take equal responsibility for their child and that’s the magic of parenting. I have already bought football shoes for him and I am just waiting for him to grow up”, beams Harsh.

Life has become so much more fun since my daughter Niharika came into my life. I feel that I am loved more than I deserve.

We are best buddies and ever since she was born we share everything. Sometimes I feel she is my shadow, as there are so many things that both of us like.

I teach her the values of life and ethics, besides taking her for various activities around the city. This I feel, will help her avoid any social discomfort or anxiety…

I like sharing this responsibility with my wife. Taking care of your child is a pleasing experience and a feeling of immense love says, “ Mayur Shivaji Waghmare”.

Harjinder Singh, A Marine Engineer) says, “ My profession doesn’t allow me to be with my kid all the time, so when I return back from the ship, I try spending most of my time with him. I wake him up in the morning and also get him dressed for school while my wife prepares his meal.

I make him read poems too. I believe If both parents work together on their child’s upbringing then that will be truly good parenting for the child.

A mother shouldn’t be solely responsible for a child. When I go out with my friends, I take him along and teach him some tricks and games also to keep him aware of the world”…



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