#Archives: Living A Phenomenon Called ‘Pisoli’


Ladies & Gentleman, yet another week has gone by as quick as the fleeting rain I watched last evening…

But that is Pune for you..

The rain is much like the Puneites interest in global affairs or matters such. We are quick to speak at every little forum on how important world affairs are to us and the very next moment, we’re debating on how important it is for Pisoli to have fine roads. Now that is what being a ‘world citizen’ is all about.

For the record, Pisoli is a short flight away from the city of Mumbai. No, we don’t require Indian citizens to apply for a visa in advance.

Most Indians who resemble humanoids from this part of the planet are given visas on arrival.

Hop-on, Hop-off transport is available and can be found at various locations.

Guides are most often available gratis.They are all equipped with basic life saving kits and essentials that may include pouches of tobacco, 90ml plastic bottles of ‘Celllbrason’ Rum or ‘MacTowl’ whiskey and on special request, “Singdana” too.

They ferry you around this amazing place in these 3 wheeled wonders that
at some point of time, looked like auto-rickshaws, but that was before they started plying in Pune.

I know I have this uncanny habit of getting distracted every once in a while and end up transporting my readers to a completely different issue but believe me, it is intentional. This is Pune after all.

Nothing is constant except for the wonderful roads, the ‘highly stable’ power and the immensely clean streets that are never ever dug or ruined.

Yes. sarcasm is much part of our architecture. Learn to accept it with practiced ease and soon you will be a ‘Puneri pro’

But the point of this piece isn’t all this. This is about a week gone by with just one spell of rain which lasted all of 19.345 minutes. I am told that the monsoon has arrived and if this is what the met department meant, I have a strong suspicion my neighbourhood ‘tankerwala’ will rejoice, more than he does everyday.

The flip side is of course, the fact that this means increased business to the tanker trade. ‘Made in India’ after all.

Cut to Pisoli and all that we have, are these blasted tankers who are our lifeline and pipeline..

To hell with what the builders promised through their fancily printed brochures that flogged salubrious surroundings and ‘copious’ water supply. All this while I thought it was copywriting, but now I know the truth is that you have to ‘cope’.

Coming to think of it, i never imagined I would spend 2500 bucks on getting water in my taps in a salubrious environment.

Well, am not complaining since we get cleaner, cooler air and are far removed from the snootiness of the up-market areas of the city. In Pisoli you can just about do what you want, even if it means screaming from your terrace or dancing in your porch.

No one except the neighbourhood cat is concerned..

The cat does give you a second look once in a while but that is bearable; we’re all animals finally.

Let’s face it, where else can you get news of a leopard prowling around, or two langurs perched on your terrace ledge looking at you curiously. Or a newspaper vendor who has incessant conversations with himself while driving his rickshaw or for that matter a bakery that has 4.5 packets of biscuits sharing space with electrical accessories..

The roads are nice too when you find one, since they also double up as a great testing ground for your vehicles undercarriage..

It is prudent however, to stop once in a while to check if your chassis still exists. If it doesn’t, there is little to worry about. Just turn around and check in Pisoli. You will find many lying around.

Welcome to the ever-expanding city of Pune.. Trust me, you will fall in love with it.


First Published in 2017

Jaisurya Das

Jaisurya Das

The industry affectionately calls him a Marketing Maverick; Known to be brutally candid with his writing as much as everything else, Jd is a much respected media and brand commentator whose prolific writing sees no boundaries.

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Jaisurya Das