‘Limited Edition’ of Art

Nachiket and Jayoo Patwardhan Photograph : Sanket Wankhade

Working extensively on period cinema to expressing himself on canvas, art has been Nachiket Patwardhan’s eternal love. Patwardhan has traversed through various journeys of art from architecture to film making to being an artist, all different yet connected. “If you approach something as a designer, it will be just about changing mediums. It’s not a departure from one thing,” he explains. Showcasing his most recent art, meddling with ink and water colours, is ‘Limited Edition’. The exhibition will take place from 19 to 24 November at The Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park. It has been curated and organised by his wife, Jayoo Patwardhan who is an architect herself and has been an equal partner in this artistic voyage.

For the art maestro, architecture means catering to the client’s needs but with painting, “it’s more of self-expression from within.” The detailed sketches and paintings exhibited, each tell a story that differs in perspective. According to Jayoo, “the illustration will create a story from what strikes you from your own experiences. It depends on the eye of the beholder.”

It is said that his images constantly blend and play around with reality and imagination, what is drawn from real life merges with what is fantasy and completely seamlessly draws the viewer into their own world of experience through the lines of Nachiket’s experience and life. He goes on to add, “My art is all from within. In a way, everything inspires it, from travelling to meeting new people, music, theatre. All this contributes to your experience.”

While you immerse yourself into the myriad lines and curves that converge into creating fine art, a book awaits you at the end of the exhibition. If just the framed talent is not enough, Nachiket has compiled a book that can be pre-ordered. The visually illustrated book, is based on the life of Raja Bharthari with text in English and Marathi. “It is a mythological story, which has a contemporary connection. That’s the beauty of mythology, it carries values that are universal,” says the creator. Jayoo agrees and adds, “I strongly believe that a lot of the stories should come back in today’s time. But, there needs to be the right interpretation of mythology, which often doesn’t happen.”

A city known for its art and culture, the duo feel Pune still needs to grow in appreciating fine art. Both add in unison, “Maybe with performing arts it can be seen as a city for art. We feel like there is a shortage of art galleries and not much support for upcoming artists.” Nachiket continues, “I am doing my bit by creating art to change this though.” The art displayed is a collection of one year’s hardwork and the next exhibit will probably take the same amount of effort echoed this artist par excellence.

Zeenat Tinwala

Zeenat Tinwala

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Zeenat Tinwala