Light Up Your House With New Décor Ideas This Diwali

Diwali Decor
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Pune365 Wishes You a Very Happy DiwaliThe much-awaited Diwali, the festival of lights, is almost here, and there is a buzz in the city as preparations for it gathers pace.

Families are scrambling to clean up their houses, decorate it and prepare their favourite sweets.

Decorating the house with colourful festoons and lights are very important and citizens this year are looking for new décor tips.

To ensure that you don’t fall short of home décor ideas, Pune365 has spoken to citizens who have been all set to decorate their house with new trendy décor ideas.

Floating Candle Decoration by Savita Patane, Fashion Artist

Home Decor Ideas“The simple, old yet the best way is to light up any corner of your house.”

We all have at least that one big glass bowl which is not used much in the house, traditionally a big brass utensil was used but with the changing trend a bowl is utilised.

  • Take a  big bowl or a brass utensil
  • Fill the utensil with water
  • Add your favourite essential oil or coffee beans in the water to create a majestic aroma.
  • 6-7 float tea candles depending on the size of the bowl (it should be in a good proportion with flowers)
  • Lastly, put some sunflowers or rose petal and light up the candles to create a unique decoration.

Plant decoration by Deepa Shivatre, Homemaker

Home Decor IdeasDiwali is the festival for lights, so light up your house without making a hole in your pocket. The process is lengthy and tedious but totally worth the effort.

  • For preparing plant lighting you’ll need some dried stems of plants, some branches, balloons, thread,  golden and silver colour, spray, a flower pot and Fevicol.
  • Blow the balloons and then dip the thread in a bowl of Fevicol, cover the balloon with dipped thread and leave it to dry for a few hours.
  • Burst the balloons and spray the balls of thread with your favourite coloured spray.
  • Take some branches and roll them over a stick and stick with a tape and leave it for three days. After three days remove the tape you’ll find the branches curved and steady to stand. Colour them with a spray contrast to the balloons.
  • Lastly, take the pot, put some compost for the stems to stand straight. Tie those stems with our curvy branches and place (tie) our thread balls to both branches and stems.
  • Put some small diyas and some fairy lights to enhance the beauty of the plant

Bangle cover for diyas by Sunita Mhase, Teacher

Home Decor IdeasDiyas are the traditional way of decorating the house, and Diwali is incomplete without it. They enhance the beauty of the house and add a splendid festive touch both inside and outside the house.

This Diwali make a difference by making your own creative diyas. As we know bangles are to be found at every house, so use your colourful bangles to enhance the beauty of your home.

  • For preparing the bangle cover, get some colourful bangles, Fevicol and tea light candles or earthen diyas.
  • Stick the 25-30 contrast colour bangles one above the other with the help of fevicol.
  • Repeat the process for 7-8 bangle covers with different heights and place the diyas or tea light candles inside that.

Few simple decorative ideas by Steffi Cyrsil, Interior Designer

  • Cover your curtains with fairy lights and drape the edges with flower garlands and spray some essential oil or room fresher on the curtain.
  • Make a flower garland curtain  to decorate the doors, keep it simple do not add more flowers and let the thread be of golden or silver colour
  • Enhance your rangolis with more of diyas
  • Prepare a light chandelier instead of lanterns

Pune365 wishes you a Happy Diwali!


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