Late Start To School Can Better Grades And Development Of Teens- US Study

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The combination of teenagers and sleep deprivation is clearly connected with bad physical, mental and academic outcomes, according to various studies.

This research study from the UW Department of Biology indicates later start times combat the effects of sleep deprivation in teens, who naturally fall asleep later than their parents think they should.

The results showed students averaged 34 minutes more sleep after start times for high schools and most middle schools changed from 7:50 to 8:45 a.m.

The study suggests that a later start time for teenagers has been associated, with better grades, attendance, mental health and fewer sleep-related mishaps but do Pune’s parents and children see merit in this? 

A principal who wishes to stay anonymous says, the idea of late schooling wouldn’t work in Pune as most of the parents in the city are working. I personally recommend a late start to school that will help in the all-round development of a child.

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On a pilot basis, we had worked our school timings between 8:30- 2, but many parents opposed this and the management went with the early school timings. 

However, I highly recommend that if the school is early morning, the kids should be off to sleep by 9.30- 10pm latest. Sleep plays a vital role in the development of kids.

Waking up early in the morning indicates good mental health, as the mind is fresh and kids can grasp anything easily, says Rucha Nandekar, Parent.

Parents should take charge of their kids sleep and get them to bed early and allow them to wake up fresh. Moreover, after school, they can have a power nap too, which will keep them fresh for their evening schedule.

A good diet is also essential for good sleep, Hot milk with a pinch, of turmeric and almonds, enhances your sleep. Ideally,  parents should not spend their time glued to the TV and sleep early so that their kids sleep early too, Nandekar added.

“Afternoon school is much better, as we get enough time to sleep which allows the mind to get the necessary, says Harshada Mistry, Standard 10 student.

Harshada further shares that, The mornings can be utilised for homework and evening as usual for classes and activities. In addition to the later start, the number of school hours also should be reduced as the brain gets tied understanding 7 subjects in 6 hours.

Better grades and mental health totally depends on how many hours an individual sleeps. Irrespective of the age, one should have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep.

Currently, I have morning school at 8, but the moment I wake up I feel like going back to sleep. And in the night, am so tired that I can barely do anything else, Harshada added.

Neha Karpe, Web Designer says, In my opinion, most of the children now spend their time with their gadgets before going to sleep, due to which many of them have a disturbed sleep.

If the school starts early in the morning, kids are home by afternoon and free for the rest of day to go for their activity class and have enough time to play.

If the school starts later in the morning the entire schedule is disturbed. Kids will end up spending more time with gadgets and fall asleep later only to wake up tired.

Afternoon school is not a sensible concept in schooling especially for today’s teenagers, adds Neha.


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