Kohli Hits A Huge Six

Virushka Wedding
Images Sourced from Twitter.com


Thank you, Virat Kohli. You did great service to all of us by getting married.

Now many will wonder why Kohli’s marriage was more important than just a landmark event.

And here is why. The champion, who conquered the cricket world with his magnificent batting, bowled over actress Anushka Sharma with his charm has also sent our politicians for a six.

Why politicians you ask? Am sure many of you have been watching television daily these days with the Gujarat elections reaching it climax.

What you have seen over the last few days must have been politics, politicians and more politics. Sometimes the entire news slot would be politics.

There are debates galore, politicians shouting at each other, allegations and counter allegations, garnished by biased journalists, anchors and commentators.

Political-bashing is a favourite sport in this country, only second to cricket.

One party accuses the other of some misdeed and the other retaliates. Dynastic connections, new scams, old scams, religious affiliations, religious divides, minority and majority communities are put together in a big cauldron, stirred until it boils over.

Sadly enough, even a brutal “love jihad” killing was relegated or not even covered at all by TV channels recently.

So all we learnt over the last few days was the Gujarat model, more of the Gujarat model, and the pros and cons of the Gujarat model.

That was speckled with Hindutva, temple visits, Muslims, demonetisation, the Goods and Services Tax, and the favourite subject Pakistan.

In fact, only the sports news was worthy of a watch, that is if you had an inclination towards it.

The last few days have once again proved our media is so obsessed with politics that other stories only get a minimum mention if at all on the tickers which run across.

So where does the champion Kohli come into all this?

So if you did switch on your TV sets yesterday, you may or may not have noticed but the Virat-Anushka wedding took pride of place during the news on practically all channels.

This is indeed a wonder of wonders. With the Gujarat elections in full pitch, Kohli’s wedding was the news of the day.

The channels did not have pictures except those from Twitter. Despite that, it was carried as lead story.

In one stroke, the dirty political narrative of the day was relegated to second spot.

Well done, Kohli. You have added another feather to your cap by beating the politicians.