Do You Know Why Your Bike Has A Silencer?

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A popular trend among young bikers is the illegal modification of their bikes mufflers/ exhaust pipes. These silencers once tampered with are capable of producing high decibel level sounds that are today a huge cause for the noise pollution in the city.  

While some believe that this is just attention seeking, others share their harrowing experiences with these loud bikes turning the driving experience tortuous.

Reports suggest that, the penalty for shrill horns is Rs 100 for first offence and can be up to Rs 300 for subsequent offence under the Motor Vehicles Act, Section 177. If a vehicle’s silencer emits over 80 decibels it is considered to be causing noise pollution. Tampering with silencers is a violation of the Motor Vehicles Act sections 119 and 120 and invites a penalty of Rs 1,000 for the first offence and Rs 2,000 for repeat offences.

“But how can you keep a check on this nuisance in the city. You will need to deploy more policemen on the roads, to keep a constant check.

And, even if they are hauled up, they pay a small fine or humour the cop and get away with it. This doesn’t solve the purpose.

There is no guarantee that the violators will replace the silencer and solve the issue once for all. It is only with stringent action and regular checks, that these people can be tracked and punished.

They should also penalise the garages who alter these machines, and avoid this issue in the first place,” shares Prableen Kaur, a shopkeeper.

Lokesh Manik, a businessman says, “I agree to the fact that as per the law, high decibel noise emitting silencers is an offence.

But a bullet (Royal Enfield Bullet)is not a bullet until you hear the thundering sound that it makes with the modified muffler, It is bought with the motive to be different from the crowd after all. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is to lure woman or showoff, but I do feel that when you ride a bike with a deep loud sound, it adds to the driving experience,” he says.

“There have been innumerable incidents in the past one month with festivals like Holi, when riders with modified bike silencers roamed around the streets through the day and night. With the exam season on, it is really difficult for students to concentrate.

Also, it is very disturbing for the elderly and families who have a new born at home. Even the blaring horns get on our nerves be it at home or outside,” says Savita Vasani, a copy editor.

“Despite being banned, several youngsters and roadside romeos are found revving their bikes with tampered silencers, creating a huge nuisance in the city,” quotes Meena Deshpandey, Student.

Riding any bike with modified silencers emanating high noise levels (higher than 90 decibels) is considered an offence under the Motor Vehicles Act.

“I see these people doing stunts or driving up and down near colleges and often at places where they see a group of girls hanging around.

I really don’t get their logic. Do they really feel that this kind of uncivilized behaviour will attract a woman? I think there ought to be a policeman at every college to check on such men and book them,” she adds.

Be it on the main roads or even in a narrow lane, you are bound to find one person who is doing this all the time, states Umesh Yadav, a rickshaw driver.

He says that they go to the local mechanics and get their exhaust or mufflers tampered with to produce these sounds..

Adding to it, they also sometimes create these blast like sounds, by turning their engine on and off at high speeds. On wide main roads it may be bearable, but it really disturbs the people in the locality,” he adds.



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