#KetoDiets: These Restaurants Take The Pain Out Of Dieting

Vegan Food - Ketogenic Diet
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The health bug has certainly got Pune and from going Vegan to following several complex diets, the city is seeing it all..

‘I am on a Keto-genic diet’ is now much in vogue in the city of Pune

While a majority of people try these diets for a few weeks, others have tried to make it a lifestyle choice in their pursuit for good health. Many people find it beneficial to use a supplement to boost your diet. Finding a keto supplement is not always straight forward though. If you’re interested in learning more about the keto diet, check out information on keto science dietary freedom.

Keto, obviously, is not for everyone. While it delivers the burn of fat much quicker than other programs, it’s equally much more restrictive than a gradual weight loss plan, like Weight Watchers. Obviously, your choice of diet program is completely up to you, but weighing up the pros and cons of Weight Watchers vs Keto might help you make a more educated decision.

Not always easy to adopt at home, the city now boasts of several outlets that serve you just what the diet recommends and gives you the high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate dishes without compromising on taste :


This takeaway outlet serves all things keto. From soups and salads with extra toppings, snacks like keto spinach cheese balls, oats appe, keto meals, keto goodies and desserts, they have it all. The food tastes as good as regular food, but without all things unhealthy. The quantity you get for the price is perfect, says a regular here.

Chocolate mousse, Mexican rice and Spaghetti are some of the must haves here.

Where: Takeway only. CTS 329, Shop No 1, Tamhane Heights, Baner Gaon, Baner.

Cost: Rs 300 for two (approx.)

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Sorted Delicatessen

Know what you eat at Sorted Delicatessen. Choose from their healthy fats, natural sweeteners, guilt free whole and super foods to get yourself a power packed dish. This place is not just for people following any diet ritual but also for those foodies who like to stay informed of the ingredients used and the calorie intake.

Breakfast, wraps, sandwiches, soups, salads, super filling mains and desserts is what one can choose from.

Where: Ground Floor, Golden Nest Co-op Society, Next to Royal Orchid Golden Suites, Kalyani Nagar.

Cost: Rs 1,500 for two (approx.)

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The Green Chef

Find some mouth-smacking dishes for your ‘short term express goals’, at The Green Chef.

Zoodles or Keto Risotto, Keto Choco Mousse or Keto Cauliflour Chiken Pulao, savour all here at this takeway only joint at reasonable prices.

Where: Takeaway only. In and around Wadgaon Sheri.

Cost: Rs 500 for two people (approx.)

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Looking for some vegetarian options? Look no more. GoKeto customises everything you see on the menu in paneer for the vegan palate. They serve freshly made, quality food at reasonable prices.

Their on point service is what is the talk of the town. Peppy Chic Cheese and Chic Spin Crème is what you should try here.

Where: Takeway only. D/5, Hermes Drome, Opposite Lunkad Sky Vie, Viman Nagar.

Cost: Rs 500 for two (approx.)

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#This is not an official Pune365 review of the outlets listed. All prices, image and details are purely for reader information and readers are advised to check finer details at the respective outlets.

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